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5-in-1 Foot Stretcher & Trainer

5-in-1 Foot Stretcher & Trainer

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  • Instructions: See user manual for exercises and additional instructions. Place device firmly on the floor when using. If you have trouble balancing, stand next to a wall or rail for support. For cold therapy, place the soapstone in the freezer for at least 1 hour prior to use. For heat therapy, boil soapstone in water for 2 minutes. The included orange bands can be added to the soapstone to add extra texture when massaging the foot
  • Lightweight, portable, and no assembly required
  • Soapstone holds both hot and cold temperatures for the duration of exercise
  • Great for stretching out the plantar fascia ligament and strengthening muscles that stabilize the foot
  • Non-slip material keeps the device in place during use
  • Please note: Device is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition
  • User weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Made in Finland
Board: PA GF30; Tracks: PA; Roller: Soapstone; Shields: TPE Shore 80
Spot clean as needed with mild detergent. Do not submerge in water
One HighHealer foot therapy device and user manual
12.75" x 5.8" x 4.5"
2.82 lbs
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4 avg. (4 reviews)

Home therapy!
10/29/2019 by Adriana
I broke my ankle earlier this summer. I started therapy but it was costing me too much and frankly, I do not believe they were doing not enough. They had me on a long term therapy plan. Well, I needed to be up and walking. My experience with this 5-in-1 sped up my recovery and I was walking about 8 weeks earlier than they had predicted for me. I use it every day on both of my feet as soon as I am out of bed. Quick, effective and affordable.
10/07/2019 by Albert
Not at all happy with it. I returned it.
This really helps keep my feet from cramping
08/24/2019 by Paula
Just after a couple of days of using in the morning...after a full day at work in jerks, my feet no longer cramp. Before I got this, I would get very painful cramps each night!
Wow! What a difference it makes
08/22/2019 by Anne
After months of pain and testing new shoes, shoe sizes, orthodics and innersoles my boyfriends foot pain continued to cause him to be tired and feel like his energy was so low due to this constant battle with pain. I saw the "High Healer" and made the investment for him with the hopes that this device would be the solution to make the difference. In only a few weeks, he was already noticing a major improvement. He uses it several times each day and I now see him include it with his "take to work" items. It is lightweight and easy to take along. He has told me numerous times that it feels so much better after using the device. You would have expected that the "shoe goddess" who wears heels every day would be the one in need of the "HighHealer" but nope..It is the GUY who stands on his feet on concrete every day by the hour who is getting great relief from this handy device. THANK YOU for sharing this with the world. We are better with it.
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5-in-1 Foot Stretcher & Trainer

A 5-in-1, podiatrist-made foot stretcher that’s as portable as it is multi-functional. The HighHealer makes it easy to be your own personal foot therapist. It stretches, stabilizes, and relieves pain in your feet, ankles, and calves. An included soapstone massager delivers hot or cold therapy to reduce inflammation and boost comfort.


HighHealer wasn’t just created by a podiatrist—it’s used by one, too. Dr. Stephen Bui, an avid runner, suffered from plantar fasciitis, a common condition that causes extreme foot pain. With over 20 years of healthcare experience under his belt, he put his podiatry practice on hold and dedicated himself to diving into clinical research that investigates the effects of non-surgical treatment for foot pain.

That research led Dr. Bui to create this five-in-one foot trainer. It can be used to strengthen foot muscles, improve calf flexibility, massage feet, and stretch the plantar fascia ligament. It’s useful for athletes or those who need relief from high-heeled shoes or active lifestyles. Dr. Bui provides exercises to help get you started. All stretched out? The soapstone massager delivers hot or cold therapy to reduce inflammation and provide soothing relief. more Their Story