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ORBIT™ iPhone Outlet Cord Organizer ORBIT™ iPhone Outlet Cord Organizer

ORBIT™ iPhone Outlet Cord Organizer

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Full Details

  • Compact organizer designed for all pockets and bags
  • Serves as an elevated wall mount while charging
  • Soft rubber overlay at contact points prevent scratches
  • Keeps chargers secure between charges
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children
  • Made in Malaysia
ABS polymer, TPE polymer
Spot clean as needed
ORBIT Cord Organizer mount, Apple 5w adaptor and lightning cord not included
1" x 3" diameter
0.12 lb
Small Business Support


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ORBIT™ iPhone Outlet Cord Organizer

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ORBIT™ is the perfect pocket-sized companion for your iPhone. With an inventive use of space, ORBIT™ organizes the Apple 5W adapter and one-meter charge cord inside a slim, portable disk while protecting the electronic components from stress. When it’s time to charge your iPhone, ORBIT™ attaches to the power adapter so your iPhone is held safely near the outlet and off the floor or countertop.

HIP Product Factory

HIP Product Factory's innovative and artful tech solutions provide relief from some of the everyday challenges faced by phone and laptop users. Maker Craig Brett grew tired of dealing with the headaches of cord organization, traveling with tech, and multi-tasking while using his phone. He set out to create a versatile line of accessories for the home and on the go.

These imaginative designs for phone and laptop accessories make life with tech easier. Their LIFT™ and EKKO™ hold your phone for you so you can multi-task at your computer or while your cooking in the kitchen. The BANDIT™ and ORBIT™ keep your cords organized wherever you take them. more Their Story