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An efficient packing aid and travel tool, the Hoboroll is a compartmentalized stuff sack, perfect for keeping your items separated yet still in one place. Use it on its own or put it in your carry on luggage, backpack or suitcase to keep things organized.

  • Materials: Travel sacks are made of 30D Cordura-brand ripstop nylon; Buckles: Anodized aluminum; Straps: Polypropylene
  • Care: Machine wash cold, hang to dry
  • Ultralight nylon keeps it lightweight and durable, with ultra strong, ultralight buckles that won't rust
  • Keeps items internally separated and organized with 5 internal compartments to save you time and energy
  • Tactical bag, gear organizer or carry-on bag, the Hoboroll is perfect for your next great adventure
  • Drawstring openings on both ends - fast access to your gear, minimal fumbling
  • Compression straps—locks it down in place
  • Shoulder strap attachment tabs—take the strap when you want it, and leave it at home when you don’t
  • Storage pouch easily fits in your pocket
  • Secret inside pocket - tucked away, complete with a zipper. This reverses to become a storage pouch for the bag
  • Lighter colored on the inside, so you can always see your gear
  • Exclusion: Shoulder strap not included with Hoboroll purchase
  • Reflective thread—blue and red models have reflective thread, to help find your bag in the dark
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 10" x 18"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.

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Truly best thing I've ever travelled with

1/4/2018 by Brita

I bought the Hoboroll about 2 years ago for a 3-week trip (in Sept-Oct) to Russia, Amsterdam and Scotland - a week in each country. I filled it with 10 lbs of stuff and came home with 8. That was ALL I took other than what I was wearing and my 10x10" travel purse.
I've had shoulder issues for years, so I wasn't into pulling my carry on over cobblestones! It truly makes you choose very wisely what to pack and to coordinate well. And it really was enough stuff.
Minimize your toiletries by getting samples of lots of things and you throw them away as you go.
I'd definitely buy these for family travel if I still had young kids!
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Long Live the Hoboroll

1/4/2016 by Jezennia

Got this for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift this year! He is an annual international traveler and seemed pretty stoked about the bag. The compartments were a hit. We'll see how it holds up in Indonesia! Thanks Hoboroll!More > < Less



1/3/2016 by Alison

this was also a gift, and not used as of yet. but the person who got it hikes and goes to the gym, so it sounded great to him.



12/31/2015 by Patricia A

I put this to use right away for the things I carry to the pool for exercise: rolled towel, suit, tee shirt, shorts or Simple Sarong (a Grommet), sun lotion, tissues, hand wipes, Sunvisor, Go-comb (a Grommet), FitKicks (another Grommet) for swimshoes, underwear and sox.More > < Less



12/17/2015 by Diana

I LOVE the Hoboroll 2.0. I thought the Hoboroll 1.0 was great, but the new version is even better. I've used it countless times - driving across the country, camping, even weekend trips and traveling abroad. I've used it as it's own bag, and inside my luggage. The partitions make packing so easy, and I've found the durable material allows me to store just about anything that fits. It's light and compresses to save a ton of room. A really convenient and handy product! Highly recommend.More > < Less

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HoboRoll - Segmented Travel Bag

About Hoboroll

All rolled up

Ask anybody what they like best about traveling and the answer isn’t likely to be packing. Even for neat and tidy types, packing and living out of a bag can be frustrating. Inevitably, that folded shirt you’re looking for gets buried underneath other folded items and everything ends up in a heap.

That’s why Chez Brungraber, an avid traveler and the founder of Gobi Gear invented a packing organizer called the Hoboroll.

With five separate storage chambers, the Hoboroll lets you easily separate and organize your outfits, shoes, and other items. Use it all on its own like a rucksack for short trips and outings or place one or more Hoborolls inside a larger bag to create even more compartments for longer getaways. The Hoboroll also has two compression straps on the side so you can reduce the volume of the bag by up to 50%. And, it opens from both ends with drawstring closures making it simple to get your hands on that shirt whether it’s on the top or the very bottom of your bag.

Even though the Hoboroll was originally designed with backpacking in mind, our testers found many other uses for it. It’s great in a gym bag, carry-on, or even in a traditional suitcase. Parents at The Grommet have even used it to help their kids organize their dance and swim bags.

Why rummage when you can roll?