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Hoppy's Garden Art
Spinning Copper Sprinkler

Functional garden art · Adds color and whimsy to your outdoor space · Made in the USA

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A functional piece of art for the garden. This handcrafted spinning copper sprinkler adds color and plenty of whimsy to your outdoor space. Polished copper hoops and blown glass (that won’t fade) spin and shine as the sprinkler sprays. It’s durably built and balanced by the artist. Stake it into the ground with a steel base, attach the hose, and take it for a spin. Made in the USA.

  • Made in Bothell, Washington
  • Instructions: See manual for full instructions
  • Fully functional as a sprinkler
  • Spray diameter of 12 to 25 feet with required water pressure of 50 PSI at the sprinkler end of your hose
  • Glass colors will not fade
  • Easy to operate and maintain. Easily relocated
  • Please note: Some assembly required. While not necessarily fragile, care must be taken to maintain the centered balance of the glass. The copper will patina over time
Made in the USA


Two copper hoops, one with a copper spiral and glass, copper stand, and steel base


Hoop: 6" x 20" diameter; With stand: 40" tall


7 lbs


Copper, blown glass, steel base


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Hoppy's Garden Art

Artist Steve Hopkins—aka Hoppy—handcrafts all of this copper garden art. He was working on a copper trellis for a client who suggested making a sprinkler; Steve switched artistic gears to this functional (and fun) sculptural piece that spins, sprays, and shines in outdoor spaces. Watch one of Steve’s sprinklers in action and you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship he puts into it. He builds each one with polished copper hoops and a blown glass orb that won’t fade over time. He balances it to ensure it will spin perfectly, too. It’s a statement piece that measures up at four feet tall and is as much about creating whimsy in the garden as it is about actually, you know, watering the garden. Stake it into the ground, attach it to the hose, and let the sprinkler do it’s mesmerizing, spinning thing.

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