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Hot Cherry
Self Care Therapeutic Pillow Kits

Filled with cherry pits · Provides hot or cold therapy · Microwavable & freezable

The self-care therapeutic pillow kits are sewn with suede fabric and filled with Montmorency cherry pits. The pillows can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to soothe and restore comfort for everyday aches and pains. Each pillow will provide relaxation and keep desired temperature for about 20 minutes. Made in the USA.

  • Made in the United States
  • Instructions: Use hot or cold. Warm in the microwave for heat therapy or chill in the freezer for cold therapy
  • Relaxes muscles in neck, shoulders, and back
  • Increases circulation and warms extremities
  • Molds around joints to reduce pain and promote healing
  • Use to reduce stress, induce sleep, and sooth tummy aches and cramps
  • Reduces body temperature, swelling, and inflammation when used cold
  • Sewn-in plush, imported ultra-suede fabric, and filled with Michigan's sustainable Montmorency cherry pits
  • Heated or chilled pillow will keep temperature for about 20 minutes
  • Subtle aroma of natural tart cherry pits
Made in the USA
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


Better Sleep Set: 10" long eye pillow, 10" x 28" triple square pillow; Feel Better Pack: 10" square pillow, 10" long eye pillow, 22" long neck wrap; Pain Relief Pack: 10" square pillow, 10" x 20" double square pillow


Square: 10" x 10" x 1"; Double square: 10" x 20" x 2"; Triple square: 9" x 28" x 2"; Eye: 4.5" x 10" x 1"; Neck: 5.5" x 22" x 2"


Better Sleep Set: 3.65 lbs; Feel Better Pack: 4.45 lbs; Pain Relief Pack: 4.75 lbs


Sustainable cherry pits, plush ultra suede imported fabric. Packaged in an eco-friendly pie box and grosgrain ribbons


Microwavable and freezable. Machine washable. Follow included instructions


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Hot Cherry

We love finding products with a story and these Hot Cherry Pillows from J’Nelle Holland are just that, steeped in Swiss tradition with a sweet secret grown in Michigan. Cherry pit-filled pillows have long been used in Europe to help soothe sore muscles, increase circulation, and help folks get cozy for bed. J’Nelle is bringing this tradition to the US with Michigan’s Montmorency cherries. The cherries’ pits are cleaned and dried with a process that uses only water and heat, no chemicals. They’re then sewn into pillows that mold around you and can be chilled or heated for hot or cold therapy. Bonus: when heated, they give off the subtle smell of a cherry pie.

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