Levitating Mini NFL Helmet

By Hover Helmets


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An NFL Hover Helmet takes fan pride for an eye-catching spin. A half-scale, detailed replica pro football helmet levitates seemingly like magic (spoiler: it’s magnets at work) within a LED-lit stand. Give it a spin and it will still be going long after the big game is over.

  • Materials: Magnet, plastic, metal
  • Includes: One helmet, one magnetized stand, one spacer, and power cord
  • Instructions: Plug in the base. Hold the plastic spacer tool between the underside of the upper stand and the top of the helmet. Slowly remove the spacer tool. The helmet should now be hovering. Gently tap the helmet to start it spinning
  • Spins indefinitely once plugged in and levitating
  • LED lighting located in the base of the stand illuminates the helmet
  • Perfect gift for your office or game room and even works as a nightlight because of its LED lighting
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 11" x 5" x 7"
  • Weight: 7 lbs

About Hover Helmets

Spins & Wins

Hover Helmets has taken traditional fan gear and created a fresh take that’s impossible to ignore. How do they do it? By levitating team helmets in mid-air.

Watch one in action, and you’ll want to keep on watching. It looks like magic, but it’s actually magnets at work keeping the mini replica helmet suspended. Give it a spin and it will keep going, and going, and . . . you get the idea.

Pick from top football and baseball teams, as well as a few college standouts. Each helmet is made to half-scale, and has authentic details like (tiny) padding. A helmet floats within a LED-lit stand that is sized perfectly to stand out on a desk or table, but we think wherever you place it, it’s sure to be the MVP centerpiece of the room.