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"How We Make Stuff Now" Book "How We Make Stuff Now" Book

"How We Make Stuff Now" Book

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"How We Make Stuff Now" Book

You’ve got it. The perfect idea for a new product. But now what? In “How We Make Stuff Now,” published by McGraw-Hill, The Grommet’s co-founder & CEO Jules Pieri is sharing her insight, advice, and experiences from helping over 3,000 Makers succeed in bringing their products to market. From testing and prototyping to distribution and inventory management, Jules provides step-by-step guidance and lets you in on her 16 essential competencies to master.

Jules Pieri

Jules Pieri, our co-founder & CEO, has helped guide over 3,000 products along their journey, so it’s no wonder she’s such a rich resource for folks starting out on the entrepreneurial path. She’s compiled her experience and insights in her first book, “How We Make Stuff Now.” It serves as a guide for Makers and maps out 16 core competencies needed to move from the idea stage to the eventual creation of a successful small business.

After working as an industrial designer and spending years helping form brands like Keds, Hasbro, and Stride Rite, Jules followed her passion to the Maker Movement and started The Grommet where she could focus on helping small businesses.

While working with Makers, she gained front-row knowledge from their stumbles, wins, and lessons learned. In “How We Make Stuff Now,” she streamlines it all into nitty gritty steps—from 3-D printing prototypes to user research to tackling packaging and shipping—needed at the earliest stages of a startup. Woven into the blueprint are Maker case studies from those who have made it past the finish line and want to share their stories (along with a bit of guidance) with future creators. more Their Story

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