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  • Mix 'n Match Set of 6 by Hudson Valley Seed Company - 1
  • Mix 'n Match Set of 6 by Hudson Valley Seed Company - 2

Mix 'n Match Set of 6

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Hudson Valley, NY
  • Each pack features original artwork
  • Certified organic
  • Pack folds out for easy pouring
Individual Seed Pack information
All Stars Kale Mix: 100 seeds per pack; Arugula: 500 seeds per pack; Basil Bouquet: 250 seeds per pack; Bloomsdale Spinach: 200 seeds per pack; Blue Jade Dwarf Sweet Corn: 50 seeds per pack; Borage: 100 seeds per pack; Bumble Bee Mix Cherry Tomato: 25 seeds per pack; Cherokee Purple Tomato: 25 seeds per pack; Cilantro: 200 seeds per pack; Cocozelle Zucchini: 25 seeds per pack; Costa Romanesca Zucchini: 30 seeds per pack; Echinacea: 50 seeds per pack; Evergreen Scallion: 500 seeds per pack; Garlic Chives: 200 seeds per pack; Gigante d'Italia Parsley: 200 seeds per pack; Good Bug Blooms: 500 seeds per pack; Flashback Calendula: 200 seeds per pack; Kaleidoscope Carrots: 500 seeds per pack; Laxton's Progress Shell Pea: 100 seeds per pack; Lemon Cucumber: 25 seeds per pack; Mammoth Long Island Dill: 200 seeds per pack; Merlot Lettuce: 250 seeds per pack; Metta Lettuce Mix: 250 seeds per pack; New Yorker Tomato: 25 seeds per pack; Radiant Radish Mix: 250 seeds per pack; Rainbow Chard: 75 seeds per pack; Red Noodle Pole Bean: 50 seeds per pack; Shade Garden Mix: 500 seeds per pack; State Fair Zinnia: 100 seeds per pack; Strawflower: 250 seeds per pack; Summer Savory: 100 seeds per pack; Tiger Paw Aster: 100 seeds per pack; Ultimate Salad Bowl: 500 seeds per pack; Velvet Queen Sunflower: 100 seeds per pack
Dimensions (in packaging)
0.5" x 0.5" x 2"
Weight (each)
0.01 lb

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Sustainable Living

Mix 'n Match Set of 6

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Regionally-adapted seeds that are maintained by a community of caring farmers and gardeners. Presented in gift-quality seed packs featuring original works designed by artists. From a farm-based seed company growing, distributing and preserving heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds in the Hudson Valley of New York State.
Sustainable Living
Have you ever thought about where seeds come from? Who grows them? Who saves them?

Ken Green got into the seed-swapping business while working at a small town library in the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York. He became interested in the preservation of heirloom seeds and started a collection, using his cataloging skills to document locally grown seeds and make them available to members of his group, the Hudson Valley Seed Company. Today, Ken and his partner Doug Muller are committed to their seed venture full time, offering heirloom alternatives to the seeds produced (often genetically modified) by large corporations.

A community of farmers and gardeners contribute locally grown seed, and Ken and Doug also bring in varieties from responsible wholesale seed houses. The Seed Company also has its own seed farm, where Ken and Doug try out new plants to test their hardiness.

The Hudson Valley Seed Company offers dozens of flowers, vegetables and kitchen herbs. An unexpected bonus is the artwork. Ken and Doug commission artists to design original artwork for many of their seed packs. The artwork on the packaging is eclectic and authentic—just like the contents.