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64 Bit Driver Kit

by iFixit

Full Details

  • Made for a Lifetime: Warranty covers any damages except loss
  • Features ergonomic, two-zone grip handle
  • Contains bits to repair cell phones, game consoles, wearables, laptops, desktops, tablets, small appliances and much more
  • Case lid features a sorting tray
Nickel-plated 6160 steel, anodized aluminum, ABS case, EVA foam
Sixty-four purpose-driven screwdriver bits selected based on the data from thousands of repair guides; case designed to hold and display each bit in high-density foam
Store in ABS case
4.25" x 7.25" x 1.75"
0.95 lb
Warning: This product can expose you to nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.
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Underrepresented Entrepreneur

64 Bit Driver Kit

by iFixit


Specialized bits for electronics repairs · Two-zone grip handle to maximize torque · Made for a Lifetime
Each bit in the 64 Bit Driver Kit has a purpose. From game console controllers, to wearables, to desktops and tablets, each bit is useful and specific. The screwdriver features a swivel cap and a two-zone grip handle to maximize torque and make driving and releasing the toughest screws easy.
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


The revolution has begun. No longer will we let tech companies prevent us from fixing or upgrading our electronic devices. Our “right to repair” is on the rise, thanks to iFixit and their tech repair kits. iFixit was founded in 2003 by two college students. This forum is acclaimed in the tech community for its free step-by-step guides to working on everything from laptops to game systems to phones. It’s crowdsourcing power at its best–everyday people post instructions and then the community updates and perfects them. The guides are a breeze to follow, even for beginners. But knowing how to fix something isn’t enough. You need the right tools to get the job done, which is where the tech repair kits come in. iFixit’s kits contain unfamiliar tools like Pentalobe and Torx bits—tools that the tech companies hope you won’t have so you’ll buy a new device or pay them to repair your existing one. With iFixit guides and a repair kit, your tech products don’t have to be disposable. And you don’t need to be beholden to pricey repairs from tech companies. Join the DIY repair revolution today.