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  • Lacquer-Embossed Leather Coin Purse by Inden Est.1582 - 1
  • Lacquer-Embossed Leather Coin Purse by Inden Est.1582 - 2
  • Lacquer-Embossed Leather Coin Purse by Inden Est.1582 - 3
  • Lacquer-Embossed Leather Coin Purse by Inden Est.1582 - 4
  • Lacquer-Embossed Leather Coin Purse by Inden Est.1582 - 5
  • Lacquer-Embossed Leather Coin Purse by Inden Est.1582 - 6

Lacquer-Embossed Leather Coin Purse

Full Details

  • Materials: Deerskin, cowskin, polyester, wooden lacquer
  • Care: Gently wipe the leather surface with dry cloth if the product gets dirty
  • Hand made and perfected by Japanese artisans
  • The technique of Inden has been passed down through 14 generations spanning over 400 years
  • Crafted with the highest quality of deerskin leather that is covered in intricate surface designs made from wooden lacquer
  • The zipper around the outside easily closes and secures inside belongings
  • Comes individually packaged in a branded black box
  • Made in Japan
  • Dimensions: 3.9" x 3.2" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.14 lb


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Lacquer-Embossed Leather Coin Purse

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This leather coin purse is carefully handmade in Japan by artisans who practice traditional methods that date back to 1582. Originally used as a way to decorate and boost the durability of leather pieces on Samurai armor, lacquer is embossed onto supple deerskin leather for a beautiful layer of protection. The intricate designs give the purse a distinctive finish and makes one a gift rich in history.
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Inden Est.1582

Shigeki Uehara of Inden Est. 1582 is more than just the man in charge. He is a fourteenth-generation Uehara and he is carrying on a family tradition begun in 1582.

Yuushichi Uehara created Inden’s signature technique of lacquer-embossing deerskin leather with wooden blocks over four hundred years ago. For 12 generations, his family passed down this skill orally. Samurai warriors were some of his first customers. The lacquered patterns layered onto the leather pieces of their armor added protection, both in battle and from the elements. The same applies to the leather accessories Inden now creates. The intricate designs applied by skilled artisans also give the key case, mirror, and coin purse a richly detailed look. The careful construction and attention to details is evident in each piece. And would surely make Yuushichi proud.