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The Trucker's Friend The Trucker's Friend

The Trucker's Friend

Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Materials: The Trucker’s Friend: Cast alloy steel blade and shank; Sheath (sold separately): First quality USA leather with a metal D ring and snap
  • Care for Trucker's Friend: To prevent rust, keep the tool stored in a dry environment. Apply a thin covering of light machine oil to the head of the tool with a cotton cloth, giving it time to be absorbed by the finish. Wipe off any excess. Apply new oil when needed
  • Care for Leather Sheath: Rub with olive oil every 6 months to a year
  • All-in-one hammer, nail puller, pry bar with 'V' slot and lever, wire twist, tire chain hook, grapple hook, hose spanner, and fully resharpenable 4.5" curved axe head
  • Shock-absorbing PowerGrip
  • Cast alloy tool-steel blade and shank, heat treated for extra strength
  • Rust-resistant matte finish (if rust occurs on the surface of the tool, it can be removed with fine steel wool and light machine oil)
  • Non-conducting fiberglass handle
  • Temporary blade guard included. Handmade all-leather custom designed sheath strap is sold separately and will snap snuggly in place.
  • In any situation that requires hacking, prying, pulling or pounding, you will feel real peace of mind with this professional grade tool on board. Must-have for emergencies and the outdoors
  • For both safety and utility it is important to maintain the sharp edge of the Trucker's Friend. After repeated heavy use the blade may begin to dull. If this happens, use a metal file to re-sharpen
  • Made of durable, high quality materials to last a lifetime, with proper care and maintenance. Backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  • Caution: Safety goggles are recommended when using The Trucker's Friend
  • Made in City of Industry, CA, USA of imported materials
  • Dimensions: Trucker's Friend: 19.25" x 5" x 1.25"; Sheath: 6.4" x 4.25" x 1"
  • Weight: 2.33 lbs.
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


5 avg. (40 reviews)

Tough and well built!
06/24/2019 by Jeff
A heavy but well balanced tool. I didn't get it in the house before I used it to take down a damaged gutter. Be sure to get the cover as the ax is very sharp.
02/13/2019 by Sue Ann
I bought this for our next camping trip, it is quite heavy but very well balanced. Definitely great quality!
02/13/2019 by Jane
really too costly for what this is
handy & useful
08/01/2018 by Betty
This was a birthday gift for my son who works in woods, has heavy equipment, etc. He was very impressed with the tool and said it would be useful.
Sturdy product.
07/25/2018 by Robert
Used it to remove baseboards preping for tile work. Very handy.
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The Trucker's Friend

The Trucker's Friend
The Trucker's Friend
Sheath (Optional Add-On)

Sheath (Optional Add-On)

Made in the USA heavy-duty multi-purpose tool and a handmade leather sheath to keep it sharp, and you safe. The Trucker's Friend combines the functions of an axe, a claw hammer, a crow bar and more. Keep it in your garage or trunk to feel prepared for any hacking, pulling, prying, or pounding jobs, including ones you might not see coming. The leather sheath (sold separately) is handmade in Colorado with rough-and-tough steer side leather, and it fits the Trucker’s Friend like a glove.

Innovation Factory

The Innovation Factory makes tough tools for tough jobs, right here in the U.S. They bring inventor ideas to life, and back their products with a no-hassle guarantee.

The Trucker’s Friend is their one-handled alternative to having an unwieldy (and expensive) assortment of tools. This survival multi-tool combines the functions of an axe, a claw hammer, a crowbar and more. A great friend to campers, survivalists, even people working around the house and yard, the Trucker’s Friend will make you feel like a warrior who can pry, pull, pound, or hack just about anything.

Inventor Gys van Beek is a 96-year-old tough guy and heralded World War II veteran. Gys saved countless Jewish lives—and repeatedly risked his own—with forged identity documents. President Eisenhower and Stephen Spielberg have honored his heroic efforts.

Gys created the Trucker’s Friend to have handy in a garage or trunk, forged with heat-treated steel. Sharpen it back into shape when you need to. Keep it inside the optional leather sheath that fits like a glove. You’ll be prepared for all kinds of jobs and even emergencies.

The Trucker’s Friend is made to withstand just about anything. That’s how Innovation Factory rolls, with a commitment to American manufacturing and the guts to stand behind every product—no questions asked. more Their Story

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