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Instant Biologics LLC
Instant Plant Food™

Self-dissolving · Odorless · No mess

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$9.95 – $14.95


  • Made in San Diego, California
  • Instructions: Drop tablet in a glass of water or watering can. Tablet will bubble and dissolve. Water your plants with the solution. Repeat one time every three months
  • Contains all the essential nutrients your plant needs along with trace micronutrients required for a well-rounded, healthy plant diet
  • No measuring, mixing, or mess
  • Self-dissolving and odorless
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Two tablet package provides a six month supply for several small plants. The four tablet package is enough supply for one year
  • One tablet feeds several small plants so use as much water as needed to make that easy. Recommended to use a small watering can or a mason jar full of water per tablet
  • Instant Biologics LLC are members of 1% for the Planet, Certified Carbon Neutral, PETA Cruelty-Free & Vegan
Made in the USA
Social Enterprises
Sustainable Living


Package of two or four tablets


(each) 1" diameter


Package of 2 Tablets: 0.015 lb; Package of 4 Tablets: 0.03 lb


Primary ingredients are derived from abundant, naturally occurring minerals and an eco-friendly live fermentation of waste feedstock and molasses


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