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  • Electricity-Free Clothing Steamer Kit by InstaSteam - 1
  • Electricity-Free Clothing Steamer Kit by InstaSteam - 2
  • Electricity-Free Clothing Steamer Kit by InstaSteam - 3

Electricity-Free Clothing Steamer Kit

Full Details

  • Refer to the instructions for more information
  • Convenient and disposable alternative to traditional clothing steamers
  • No batteries, plugs, or electricity required
  • All you need is water to steam your clothes at home or on the go in minutes
  • Allowed on airplanes and cruise ships
  • Please note: Read all instructions and warnings before use. Never remove or dump the minerals within the pods
  • Made in United States
Plastic, foam insulation, calcium oxide, natural minerals
Three steamer pods, one garment bag
Do not open the pods until ready for use
Garment Bag: 41" x 22"; Steam Pods: 4.75" x 0.5" x 3"
0.81 lb


Made in the USA
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Electricity-Free Clothing Steamer Kit


Creates steam in minutes · No electricity or hands needed · Disposable · Made with natural minerals
With an InstaSteam starter kit stowed in your bag, you can pull together a perfectly pressed look when on the fly—literally—without needing access to an outlet. Fill the pod with water and put it in a garment bag. It creates wrinkle-smoothing steam in minutes and is disposable when the job is done.
Made in the USA
Small Business Support

Ari Hirsch

When InstaSteam Maker Ari Hirsch was a student studying abroad, his frequent travels often left him with a wrinkled wardrobe. Back home in the U.S., he couldn’t shake the idea of creating an easy and portable way to steam clothes. In just over a year, Ari turned it into InstaSteam. The all-in-one steamer kit is Made in the USA for on-the-go use or for times when you don’t have access to an outlet but still want to look your best. Fill the pod with water and zip it into a garment bag with a suit, dress, or whatever you’re planning on wearing. Within minutes, a formula made with natural minerals creates wrinkle-smoothing steam. Ready to go? This steamer is disposable once it’s done its job.