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Pilot Extended Lapdesk Pilot Extended Lapdesk

Pilot Extended Lapdesk

Small Business Support

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  • Made in the USA: Phoenix, AZ
  • Materials: Bamboo
  • Care: Wipe with a hand cloth
  • Made for a Lifetime
  • Absorb the heat from your laptop through chiseled air ventilation holes allowing for improved laptop power efficiency
  • Built-in high performance hardtop mousepad
  • No-slip grip device pad and dual device docks to hold your phones and tablets
  • Eco-friendly bamboo absorbs excess heat to keep yourself and your laptop cool
  • Fits all 11", 13", and 15" laptops; device docks fit phones and medium-sized tablets
  • Dimensions: 30" x 11" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
Small Business Support


4 avg. (5 reviews)

Got a second one.
12/04/2019 by Cool Story
I bought a second one, love it. It's long enough to sit on top of the arm rests of the recliners. I have 3 configurations for the pilot. Coding: Mac Pro in the center, with a laptop cooler with fan underneath, Kinesis Split Keyboard on each side, then use the mousepad of the laptop at the center of the board. Mild Gaming: Laptop on the left side, on top of a cooling pad with fan, Mouse pad and mouse on the right side. Hardcore Gaming: Laptop somewhere else hooked up to giant TV, then on the Pilot: Mechanical keyboard on the left, mousepad and mouse on the right.
Best lap desk I've tried
11/02/2019 by Cindy
I really like this lap desk. It's easy to store when not in use, it's lightweight, and it's big enough to span the arms of every chair I've tried so far. I wish the cut outs for the tablets and phones were a little larger to accommodate the protective cases, so I only gave it four stars. But otherwise, this is a great lap desk and I love it.
Use it every day
10/31/2019 by Margaret
I always have this in front of me whenever I am sitting. The fact that it has the open grid saves my laptop from overheating.
Lefties? Sorry, no
07/26/2019 by Kristileo
Hey! How about making a version for left-handed people? There are tons of us having to balance a laptop on our knees...wishing we could be like the cool kids with the right-handed world at their fingertips.
Should of Purchased Sooner
06/18/2019 by Terry
This lapdesk is amazing! Due to health reasons, I work from a recliner most of the day and this lapdesk sits perfectly across the arms of the chair with room underneath for my legs to move freely. This is so much more comfortable than the padded lapdesk I used previously for many years. Since nothing is actually touching my lap, I no longer have to deal with the heat from my laptop - especially in the summertime. And the additional space on this desk is really useful for writing and setting down paperwork, your phone, etc. I though about purchasing one of these lapdesk for a long time and now wish I would have done it a lot sooner! I highly recommend it.
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Pilot Extended Lapdesk

This portable desk features a spacious, multi-device design that makes for a comfortable workspace that is as adaptive as you are. Rest the Pilot Lapdesk hands-free on your arm chair, your lap, or on your bed so you can work from anywhere.


Technology has made us more mobile than ever, yet working on a laptop is often uncomfortable and inconvenient. That’s where iSkelter comes in. They’ve designed multifunctional, visually appealing lap desks that let you work on a laptop almost anywhere.

Made of bamboo, iSkelter desks are both functional and portable. The air vents keep your computer—as well as your lap—cool, and the desks are designed to improve posture. Whether you’re just looking for an elegant laptop stand or a more complete workstation with a mouse pad and mobile device dock, iSkelter has an option that will work for you.

Founder David Stuebe struggled to find a lap desk that worked well and was as aesthetically pleasing as his Mac, so he decided to create one. Made in the USA, iSkelter desks and stands are as beautiful as they are practical. more Their Story