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Rotating Word Tile Game

Rotating Word Tile Game

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  • Instructions: See play instructions for more information
  • No board necessary
  • Please note: Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of children age 3 and under
  • Made in China
Pieces: 100% recycled wood, Bag: Burlap
108 lettered coffee bean shaped pieces and one mini burlap bag
Game time
15-30 minutes
5" x 5.5" x 2"
0.29 lb
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5 avg. (4 reviews)

Tons of Fun
12/24/2019 by Sharon
It’s a beautifully made game and so much fun. We love it!
Best word game I've played
12/17/2019 by Warren
You must have this game! I had heard about Jabuka from a friend and I've been addicted since it arrived from The Grommet. Play is easy and dynamic with no turn taking. I love that you can steal other players' words. Totally cool alphabet that twists to create other letters. It's my new best friend.
Interesting twist on Scrabble
12/15/2019 by SARAH
My grandson will be home from college for Christmas tomorrow. He's working on his PhD, so his year is spent in pretty serious study. We've played Scrabble a lot as he grew up, and I like the twist this game offers. I think it will be light-hearted fun for us all. I think we will enjoy playing this game with him while he's home, and that we'll enjoy it throughout the year.
For all ages
12/12/2019 by Kathy
Thus is a great game with lots of possibilities!!! Good for all ages!
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Rotating Word Tile Game

This rotating word tile game moves fast as players spin letters to form new ones. An “M” can be spun to transform into an “E” or a “W”—so be careful—your word could be stolen with a spin. The coffee bean-shaped tiles are made from 100% recycled wood and come in a handy burlap bag so you can play anywhere.

Jabuka Games

Jabuka was born when Maker Martin Russocki sat in a coffee shop and observed people heads-down on their devices. He recalled how coffee shops once were places to connect, where people would come to meet, chat, and play games. Martin had a light-bulb moment. He jotted an “M” on a coffee bean, then spun it on the table, watching the letter become an “E” and then a “W”. He developed the game from that inspiration.

His rotating tile game is fast-paced, as the twistable letters can change words quickly—along with a player’s advantage. The coffee bean-styled tiles are made from 100% recycled wood and store in a burlap bag. Family friendly and easy to carry, it’s a game ready to play anywhere a fun challenge is wanted. more Their Story