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Japanese Hand Garden Hoe

Full Details

  • Sharpened on both sides
  • Makes gardening chores, like removing grass and weeds, quick and easy
  • Works well when weeding under mulch
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Crafted with high-quality, hardened Swedish boron steel and hardwood ash harvested from European FSC-certified forests
Handle: Hardwood ash; Head: Boron steel
One Japanese Hand Garden Hoe
If original oil coating wears off, re-oiling is recommended. Apply boiled linseed oil over entire tool, let it absorb for 15 minutes and then wipe off any excess. For rust prevention, the tool heads can be inserted into a container with sand when not in u
12.75" x 4.63" x 1.5"
1 lb


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Japanese Hand Garden Hoe


Heirloom-quality made to last · FSC-certified ash hardwood handle · Forged steel blade
The Japanese Hand Garden Hoe is sharpened on both sides to make gardening chores quick and easy. This tool removes grass, weeds and works especially well when weeding under mulch. Made in the Netherlands with a European FSC-certified ash hardwood handle and forged Swedish boron steel blade, this durable tool is beautifully crafted and guaranteed to last a lifetime.
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DeWit Garden Tools

For over 115 years, the name DeWit has been synonymous with craftsmanship and quality throughout the Netherlands. Their approach to creating gardening tools is to make them strong enough to last for years, and each is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Now in its fifth generation, this family-run business is building on that tradition. The result is these durable, beautifully-made gardening tools. Constructed with sturdy materials like European FSC-certified ash hardwood and forged Swedish boron steel, the yard essentials like a cultivator, tiller, and hoe are made with strength and durability that won’t fail you when you’re at work and that will be just as handy for future generations to use.