Iced Beverage Sleeves

Iced Beverage Sleeves

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  • Materials: 100% fabric-coated neoprene
  • Care: Hand wash with soap and cold water or machine wash on cold. Air dry
  • Helps eliminate table rings, condensation, and drink sweating
  • Soft, slightly stretchy material conforms to cup
  • Made with tight, durable stitching
  • Soft fabric folds and collapses easily for transport/storage
  • Optimized to fit iced drink cups only
  • Comes with your choice of any 2 Java Soks
  • Compatible iced coffee size list available here
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Open: Small: 4" x 3.5" D; Medium: 5.5" x 3.5" D; Large: 6.25" x 4" D
  • Weight: Small: 0.044 lb.; Medium: 0.063 lb.; Large: 0.081 lb.
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07/12/2019 by Dana
I absolutely love my Java Sok that I bought a bunch as gifts! So much better than wrapping napkins around cups and having a soggy mess afterwards. Easy to clean and dries fairly quickly! Hopefully they come out with more colors/designs so I can buy more :)
NO sweat rings!
06/28/2019 by geri
and your hands stay dry too ...
06/28/2019 by Mary Lou
Love these! Works great on both hot and cold beverages. Also helps with extra grip for arthritic fingers. Great idea!
Java Sok
05/06/2019 by Dena
I am enjoying my soks. I gave one to my friend and she loves hers. Thanks. Dena K.
good but....
04/15/2019 by Angela
I wish the bottom was smoother/ sturdier. when the drink is less than half full - it tends to tip over. the bottom doesn't have enough stiffness to stand up.
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Iced Beverage Sleeves

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No coaster? No problem. These iced beverage sleeves act as a coaster-koozie combo for iced takeout drinks. Pull on a Java Sok to control drippy condensation—and keep your hands and surfaces dry. The tightly stitched, stretchy neoprene seals in moisture, and comes in a combination of sizes and colors that fit most of cold to-go cups.

David Iaks

If you love your daily iced coffee or tea but can’t handle—literally—all of the drippy-ness, an iced beverage sleeve is the answer. Java Sok keeps condensation from icy drinks in check, and off of your hands and surfaces.

It’s made from stretchy neoprene that hugs to-go cups tightly, and seals in moisture. Now you can ditch your usual hacks for combatting drips, like layers of napkins or the cup-in-a-cup method.

Founder David Laks and his wife are year-round iced coffee drinkers. But when David couldn’t find koozies that fit their usual takeout cups, he created his own. He made sure to create them in sizes that fit pretty much any cold to-go cup out there, too.

With Java Sok in place, you don’t even need a coaster, and we say cheers (with your beverage of choice) to that. more Their Story