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2 Daily Accessory Organizers 2 Daily Accessory Organizers

2 Daily Accessory Organizers

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Frisco, TX
  • Materials: Advanced polymer resin with reinforced fibers
  • Includes two Jewelinx
  • Patent-pending jewelry organizer that attaches to hanger—fits most hangers
  • Great for outfit planning or organizing accessories
  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.25" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 0.106 lb.
  • Note: Hanger and jewelry not included
Made in the USA


4 avg. (20 reviews)

Daughters will love it.
04/07/2018 by Barbara
I have daughters that travel for work. They can have their jewelry organized and matched up to the outfit they are wearing that day.
10/07/2016 by Joy
I like using this a lot before traveling or attending a dressy function, but I just wish the earrings stayed in better when I move this to a different hook in my bathroom. Two smaller holes would improve it greatly.
Hangy thing
06/30/2016 by Linda
Pretty pricey for what I got. Intended to hang over outfits for going out-of-town, but then I realized I could have just hung the jewelry over the top of the hangar. I kept having things get lost because the hooks did not keep them attached to the outfit. (For example, the necklaces and bracelets.)
The Best Idea
06/30/2016 by Diane
I bought a set and within weeks bought a second set. I plan my work outfits for the week on Sunday. I now add the jewelry component to the hanger. I find the Jewelinx makes dressing in the morning easier and I am not constantly looking for a bracelet or earrings to match my outfit. I plan to buy more for gifts. Such a useful idea.
Handy item!
02/17/2016 by veronica
This is a great idea - and excellent way to store your outfits for work or travel. Your accessories are right with your clothing. Great concept. Made of a heavy plastic which, I expect, will prove to be quite durable.
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2 Daily Accessory Organizers

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Jewelinx is a jewelry hanger organizer that lets you put jewelry, scarves, ties, belts, cufflinks, and other accessories on the same hanger as the clothes they go with. Try out a look without trying it on. Also perfect for travel, Jewelinx keeps all the pieces of a fully accessorized outfit together so you can get dressed and out the door on time.


Jewelinx is a jewelry hanger organizer that lets you fully accessorize an outfit without needing to try everything on first. Put everything—jewelry, scarves, ties, belts, and more—together on the same hanger with your clothes and see how it looks.

Founder Annie Abraham designed Jewelinx as a way to cut down on the typical stress of getting herself out the door each morning. It puts an end to those frustrating, last-minute searches through drawers and jewelry boxes for the accessories that go with the clothes you have on. It also lets you put a look together, study it, and swap out accessories until it’s exactly right.

Jewelinx comes with two jewelry hanger organizers in a set. It’s Made in the USA of an industrial-strength polymer resin that makes it durable and perfect for travel. For anyone who likes to be well put-together and on time, it’s a gift whose time has come. more Their Story