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Kala Sundial
Brass Pocket Sundial

A brass pocket sundial is both a small work of art and a unique way to tell the time. Crafted in Austria, the sundial works anywhere on Earth and neatly folds up when not in use. It’s a practical way to check the time and an ornamental piece that looks lovely on display.

  • Instructions: Refer to the instruction manual to determine how to tell time at your latitude
  • Can be used around the world to indicate the local solar time or as a sun compass
  • Outer and inner ring can be folded together for easy transport
  • Can also be hung as a piece of decor or worn as a piece of jewelry
  • Please note: Protect sundial from water or any other liquids
  • Made in Austria




One pocket sundial and twelve language instruction manual


0.18" x 2.36" diameter


0.09 lb


Sundial: 85% brass, 10% steel; Cord: Polyester


Wipe clean with dry cotton cloths and brass polish as needed


Kala Sundial

Kala Sundial is led by Austrian brothers Hannes and Matthaeus Kala. They continue the legacy of their father Michael, a former stonemason who was fascinated with old sundials, which were not portable. After years of research, Michael created a universal hand-held sundial to put ancient astronomical technology at contemporary fingertips. This pocket sundial is both functional and ornamental. Crafted with brass, the instrument can tell the time accurately within 15 minutes at any latitude, thanks to an adjustable double ring that folds up when not in use. Whether sitting on a desk or resting in the palm of your hand, its detailed finish is a sure conversation-starter.