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Ceramic Cooking & Serving Tagine Pot

Handcrafted and hand-painted by artisans in Tunisia · Perfect for cooking and serving meals

$64.95 – $79.95



This tagine pot is perfect for cooking and serving food at home. The dome-shaped lid allows for the ingredients within the pot to steam out, creating flavorful meals. Kamsah's proprietary handcrafting process ensures that your tagines are of the highest quality with absolutely no aesthetic defects. Each piece is made by local women for a fair wage in Nabeul, Tunisia, a city that’s been making renowned ceramics for centuries. And Kamsah supports the region even further, giving 10% of its profits to causes that benefit its artisans.

  • Instructions: Soak the pot in cold water for 24 hours before first use. For cooking, place the pot in an oven at 275° or less. On a gas or electric stove, place the pot on a heat diffuser and start at a very low temperature, then slowly raise the heat as necessary
  • Each Tagine includes an entire pamphlet with two recipe cards as well as an explanation of what a Tagine is, how to curate it, and how to care for it
  • Perfect for cooking and serving
  • Dome-shaped lid allows for the ingredients being cooked to steam out. The condensed vapor will elevate to the top of the dome before reversing back down towards the ingredients
  • Create tasty, juicy, and flavorful meals
  • Slowly cooks a variety of dishes including casseroles, meats, and vegetables at a low, even temperature
  • 10% of profits go back to local associations led by women artisans to empower them and improve their education infrastructure
  • Please note: When serving, don’t place the pot on a cold surface such as marble or a granite worktop but rather place it on a wooden board. This will help avoid cracking. Do not place in the fridge
  • Made in Tunisia


One Ceramic Cooking & Serving Tagine Pot with a card providing information about the meaning of symbols on each pot, one pamphlet with two recipe cards


Medium: 8.5" x 10.5" diameter; Large: 10" x 12" diameter


Medium: 4 lbs; Large: 6 lbs


Fire clay


Recommended to wash by hand


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