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Two-Piece Lynks Cat Scratcher Two-Piece Lynks Cat Scratcher

Two-Piece Lynks Cat Scratcher


Independent Maker

Full Details

  • 30+ modular combinations
  • High density cardboard resistant to excessive wear and shredding
  • Durable, long-lasting design
  • Easy to rearrange and connect
  • Made of all nontoxic materials
  • Great for cat scratching, exercising, climbing, and sleeping
  • Made in Taiwan
Inner: 100% recyclable cardboard made of 90% post consumer content and 10% FSC certified paper; Outer: Wood veneer
Use a dry brush, broom, or vacuum to remove any fur or hair
Two Lynks modular cat scratching blocks, four combination clips, and one bag of all-natural catnip
19.9" x 7.7" x 8"
6 lbs
Independent Maker


4 avg. (15 reviews)

Cat loves it
08/06/2019 by Susan
Our cat loves this scratcher. It is more sturdy than most and it doesn't make anywhere near the mess that other scratchers do. One of the plastic attachers broke and I wrote to Katris and we had our replacement in 48 hours. Great customer service and the new ones are stronger and more substantial. I'll buy this again.
Cats love it
04/12/2019 by Janine
This two piece scratcher is awesome. My cats can normally shred a regular scratcher within two weeks. This one is heavy, sturdy, and built with my destructo-kitties in mind! I had the pieces together but my cats were using it so vigorously that I separated them and now have the 2 pieces in different locations. I highly recommend this. Henry and Jasper give it 4 paws!
My cat loves this
10/18/2018 by Connie
I’ve put this scratcher in many positions. My cat loves every one of them.
My cats use it but.....
08/01/2018 by James
My cats use it but in just 2 or 3 weeks it is showing a lot of wear and clearly will not last as long as my sisal scratching posts.
Cats love this
05/15/2018 by Sharon
This is a good one
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Two-Piece Lynks Cat Scratcher


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Two sleek, modular cat scratching posts with over 30 configurations. Made entirely from recyclable cardboard and 90% post-consumer content with a real wood veneer finish, this scratcher is like a combo cat toy and eco-friendly art installation. Cats can’t get their paws off of it and strong flutes leave significantly less cleaning up to do.


KATRIS is part-time modular cat scratching post, part-time décor piece.

These modern cat scratchers are 100% recycled and made from 90% post-consumer material. The result is a nontoxic, super sturdy surface with minimal shredding that cats can’t keep their paws off.

It’s no coincidence that KATRIS bears a striking resemblance to the old-school, classic game “Tetris.” Much like the colorful brick game, KATRIS modules can be organized and secured together with clips in myriad ways to suit your space. A module can double as a bookshelf, coffee table, shoe rack . . . even sitting area.

Maker Jeff Lin combined his background in design and experience in the paper industry to create a scratcher for his cat, Ceo (pronounced See-oh). Ceo loved scratching the strong flutes and liners and Jeff appreciated having significantly less cleaning up to do.

Eco-friendly, handcrafted, and attractive, this scratching post will be a favorite for both you and your feline family member. more Their Story

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