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  • Reverse Open Drip-Proof Umbrella by KAZbrella - 1
  • Reverse Open Drip-Proof Umbrella by KAZbrella - 2
  • Reverse Open Drip-Proof Umbrella by KAZbrella - 3
  • Reverse Open Drip-Proof Umbrella by KAZbrella - 4
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Reverse Open Drip-Proof Umbrella

Full Details

  • Materials: Spokes: Fiberglass and carbon; Shaft: Anodized aluminum; Fabric: Woven, heat-treated polyester
  • Care: When possible, leave umbrella open to dry. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause fabric to fade
  • Made with high performance waterproof and water-repellent coating to ensure 95% of water is repelled
  • Drip-free design catches water and prevents leakage when closed
  • Only patented true reverse-folding umbrella with reverse-folding mechanism
  • Wind-responsive aeroelastic technology built with reinforced flexible tips to prevent inversion
  • Double canopy designed to withstand uplift in strong winds
  • Easy to open and close in confined spaces and when getting in or out of cars or doorways
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions (when closed): 34.6" x 2" x 2"
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs

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Reverse Open Drip-Proof Umbrella

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The KAZbrella reverse umbrella keeps you dry from rain showers and rain drops alike. Its patented reverse-folding mechanism means this umbrella works upside down to trap water inside a double canopy and avoid unwanted splashes and drips. This also makes it easier to get into cars and through doors without splashing yourself (or anyone else). The umbrella is also designed to stay intact in the face of wind and it won’t blow inside-out.
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The KAZbrella reverse umbrella does the rain-protecting job you expect and then some. It also shields you from unwanted drips thanks to a patented reverse-folding design that took Makers Jenan and Wendy Kazim 10 years to perfect. Jenan applied his background as an aeronautical engineer to create this new folding mechanism while keeping the classic look and size of a traditional umbrella intact. When the umbrella is folded up, a double canopy traps water inside to eliminate splashes and drips and lets you put the umbrella down without soaking surfaces. The upside-down folding action makes it easier (and drier) to get into a car or through a door. The umbrella is wind-resistant, too, so it won’t blow inside-out or collapse in blustery conditions. By turning a typical umbrella on its head—and putting in plenty of work—the Kazims have created a uniquely better way to stay dry.
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