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Deep Sea Sand Art

Deep Sea Sand Art

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  • Flipping the frame creates a different sandpicture every time
  • Each sandpicture has up to six different densities of sand to create beautiful dunes, valleys, and mountains
  • Please note: Contents include an injector with a needle. The injector should be used by adults only
  • Made in Austria
Frame: ABS; Base: Wood; Inside: Glass, sand, water
Wipe glass with glass cleaner as needed
Sand art, owner's manual, air scale, injector
10.25" x 11" x 2.4"
4 lbs
Small Business Support


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Colors are unattractive.
12/04/2019 by Teresa
Plastic stand and surround look cheap and the color is not attractive. The sand is not as colorful as the picture of the product on the internet. I can not recommend this item.
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Deep Sea Sand Art


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A flip of this deep sea sand art triggers colored sand to slowly descend in water, creating an ethereal and beautiful effect. Handmade in Austria.

KB Sand Art

Meet Klaus Bosch—the KB in KB Sand Art— who is known in his home city of Lustenau, Austria as “Sandman”. He’s been creating and perfecting sand art since the 1980’s. A self-taught artist, Klaus fine-tuned his handcrafted pieces for eight years before he felt they were good enough to share with the world. So good, in fact, he’s been featured in art galleries and luxury hotels.

Water, colored sand, and air are sandwiched between two pieces of glass and, once flipped, the sand slowly descends and creates a swirling, drifting hypnotic effect. The image is ever-changing and never looks the same twice, making it an evolving and engaging piece of art for your space. more Their Story