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Scout Complete Kit - Aluminum Scout Complete Kit - Aluminum

Scout Complete Kit - Aluminum

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  • Includes: Kelly Scout Kettle and the Stainless Steel Cook Set
  • The Stainless Steel Cook Set includes: Pot, frying pan (pot lid), 2 piece grill, gripper handle (not stainless)
  • Scout Medium Kettle: Holds 44 oz or about 5.5 cups of water
  • Dimensions: 11.1" x 7.3" D
  • Weight: 4 lbs


4 avg. (5 reviews)

Great little piece of gear
08/22/2018 by Ashley
I bought this for my husband for our 10 year anniversary (aluminum is a gift option, so are diamonds). We took it camping with friends and kids the next weekend and everyone was impressed. The kids loved gathering pine needles, sticks, etc. And we were able to boil water for coffee (french press) super fast and for washing dishes. Its so compact and light, it was easy to bring along. My husband and some do scouting, so I am sure they will use it a lot in lieu of the big camping stove and cans of propane.
Great idea; not right size for backpacking
06/19/2016 by Linda
This was purchased as a Father's Day gift for my husband who has taken up backpacking. It looked like the perfect upgrade to his hobo stove made from a cat food can. After making the purchase, I discovered that there is a separate Kelly Kettle site that has a variety of "kettles" from the trekker, designed specifically for the back packer, to the super large kettle for weekend group camp outs. Had I realized that there were greater choices, I would have chosen the smaller trekker model. The hubs was not enthralled with the Scout big, too heavy for his purposes and sadly, it is being returned. There are two issues learned from this experience: first, the sets have all been upgraded to a stainless steel base so the Kelly hobo stove (extra accessory) can be used. This set did not come with the upgrade. The second is cost for returning is$21.00! This has been a very costly learning experience. Dealing with the supplier directly is no better..15% restock fee plus shipping both ways. I have learned (again) the costly lesson or remembering to check the return policies and fees prior to ordering. The Kelly Kettle itself still appeals to me for both design and function. The accompanying cook kit looked like it could handle oatmeal, noodles, and dehydrated meals very well. Just needed the smaller, lighter model.
Fantastic! Works as advertised.
11/18/2015 by Brad
This is everything it's said to be. Takes very little fuel to boil water and create a nice flame for cooking/heating. Very easy to use.
Kelly Kettle
08/30/2015 by Mark
Boils water fast and cooks food in a control fire stack.
Space Hog
02/10/2014 by Martin
Excellent Principle on not losing water heated through evaporation process. Not as practicle as the Hydrogen camp stove-cooker uses any available fuel source and also charges your cell, flashlight , and other devices while in Cooking Mode--converts water 2 hydrogen creating electrical energy.
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Scout Complete Kit - Aluminum


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Quick and easy to boil water, even in extreme weather conditions. Since only natural fuel is used, you don’t have to worry about carrying gas, batteries, or other types of fuel with you. Scout set includes Stainless Steel Cook Set and Scout Kettle.

Kelly Kettle

A great idea never goes out of style, and the Kelly Kettle is a perfect example of well-earned design longevity. It dates back to the 1890s, when Irish anglers and their guides used the Kelly Kettle to boil water for tea. It burns naturally combustible materials for fuel (such as twigs, grass, bark, or pinecones), and it’s remarkably fast, capable of boiling water in just a few minutes, even in extreme weather conditions.

The kettle’s efficiency comes from its double-chamber construction. Water sits in the outside chamber, and the fire is contained in the base. The center chamber acts like a chimney, drawing up hot air as the kettle heats, which in turn boils the water. The hot air that escapes out the chimney can also be used to prepare food if you stack Kelly Kettle’s pot support and cooking gear on top of the kettle.

Brothers Patrick and Seamus Kelly, the current directors of Kelly Kettle, are the fourth generation of the Kelly family to share their great-grandfather’s invention. Compact and uncomplicated, the Kelly Kettle has earned kudos from outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. It’s ideal for backpackers, campers, kayakers, hunters, and scouts, and it’s also a practical addition to emergency preparedness kits and humanitarian aid packages.

We heard about Kelly Kettle from Tiffney Martin, who shared her find on Pinterest. From the shores of Lough Conn, a lake in western Ireland, to the pinboards of Pinterest, it’s a discovery that deserves to be shared. more Their Story

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