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Pizza Oven for Charcoal Grill

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: North Andover, MA
  • Materials: Grill insert: 304 grade stainless steel, wood handles; Baking steel: Aluminum; Pizza peel: Wood; Pizza Stone: Cordierite
  • Care: Refer to the user manual for care instructions for grill insert and accessories
  • Instructions: Fits 18.5" and 22.5" kettle grills. Place charcoal briquets and hardwood at the back of the grill to reach pizza cooking temperatures. See full user manual
  • Basic Kit Includes: Grill insert, 14” aluminum baking steel pan (pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil), and thermometer
  • Deluxe Kit Includes: All of the above, 22” wooden pizza peel, and 15” cordierite pizza stone
  • Cooks pizza in an average of five minutes
  • Oven reaches up to 750° Fahrenheit with charcoal briquets and hardwood
  • Easy-to-read thermometer indicates when grill has reached pizza cooking temperature
  • Deluxe kit features pizza stone that can withstand temperatures up to 1000° Fahrenheit, and a wooden pizza peel built to endure the heat, measures 22” long, with a 12″ x 14″ surface
  • Oven opening: 17” x 3.25”
  • Please note: Some assembly required, no tools required for assembly. Grill, hardwood, and charcoal not included. Do not use conventional oven pizza stones in the pizza oven. Stainless steel insert may change color with use
  • Dimensions: 22" x 22" x 8"
  • Weight: Basic: 6 lbs; Deluxe: 17 lbs

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Made in the USA
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Pizza Oven for Charcoal Grill

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Transform your charcoal grill into a grill top pizza oven · Oven reaches up to 750° F · Cooks pizza in about five minutes
This stainless steel insert transforms your charcoal grill into a grill top pizza oven. It sits on the grill grate and is designed to maintain and circulate heat (from a combination of charcoal and hardwood) to cook a crispy pizza in about five minutes.
Made in the USA
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Al Contarino built his first grill top pizza oven in 2010 to solve the consistent-high-temperature problem that often thwarted his grill-powered pizza-making efforts. Along with fellow inventor George Peters, they tested their grill pizza insert out on friends who raved so much that the duo knew they were on to something. KettlePizza is the result of Al and George’s hard work, and their determination to design and manufacture it on their own and in the USA. The oven inserts fit on top of the grill grates in gas and charcoal grills. The gas grill insert is designed to help heat circulate and radiate down from the lid to cook the pizza evenly and completely. The charcoal grill insert does the same job in just about any kettle-style grill. Charcoal briquets along with hardwood help get that perfect wood-fired crispiness (and taste). Whatever type of grill you have, KettlePizza makes it easy to add pizza to your cookout menu—and feed the crowd in under 10 minutes.
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