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Urban Wallet Urban Wallet

Urban Wallet

Full Details

  • Durable, lightweight design great for carrying in front pockets
  • Quickly access cards, carry more with less bulk
  • Easy slide slots to quickly pull out cards or ID
  • Tile™ slim pocket fits one tracking tile
  • Slim wallet holds up to 6 cards, bi-fold wallet holds up to 9 cards
  • Bi-fold wallet features a card pull tab for easy access to credit cards
  • Slim wallet features card barriers to keep your cards in place
Additional Information:
Bi-fold: TecTuff leather, polyester, paperboard, nylon; Slim: TecTuff leather, polyester, paperboard, nylon, EVA
Bi-fold: One wallet, one sim tool; Slim: One wallet
Made in
Bi-fold: 4" x 3.3" x 0.6"; Slim: 2.69" x 3.8" x 0.28"
Bi-fold: 0.14 lb; Slim: 0.07 lb


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Urban Wallet

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Grabbing the check has never looked better. These slim wallets can hold all your cash and cards without adding bulk to your pocket. Easy slide slots give you easy access to your cards while a dedicated Tile™ pocket allows you to track your wallet from your phone.


It looks like a small army knife, but instead of holding a bevvy of tools, this clever little invention contains keys. Smaller than a pack of gum, KeySmart is a compact key holder designed to neatly and comfortably fit in your pocket. No bulk and not one jingle or jangle.

Made from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware, hand sanded and hard coated, the KeySmart is as lightweight as it is durable. Unlike traditional key chains, KeySmart makes it super simple to swap your keys in and out. It can even be expanded to hold up to 10 keys.

The creator of KeySmart, Michael Tunney, wants to change the way people think about carrying keys. Minimalist styling. Maximum functionality. That’s the idea behind this patented problem solver.

In 2019, KeySmart evolved their everyday carry products and designed other game-changing accessories that pack more function into less space. The new “Urban Gear” line includes tech organizers, wallets, and a commuter backpack that is comfortable to carry and makes organization easy. Whether your commute involves a train, the rain, or a plane, the new minimalist KeySmart accessories have you covered. more Their Story