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Kickable Birdie Game Set

by Kickit

Full Details

  • Compete 1v1 or up to 4v4. Players can use their feet, head, thighs, and chest
  • Lightweight birdie so you can play it inside without fear of breaking anything
  • Built-in weights quickly flip the birdie over while it's in the air
  • Durable 10 foot wide nylon net with rust-resistant steel poles
  • Quick setup in only two minutes
  • Comes with all-in-one shoulder carry bag
  • Please note: Choking hazard. Keep the birdie away from moisture/water. Air dry if feathers get wet. Avoid stepping on feathers
  • Made in China
Nylon net, steel poles, nylon carry bag, elastic rubber birdie with plastic connector and feathers
Net, poles, birdie, protective cardboard tube for birdie, shoulder carry bag
Dimensions (full set)
35" x 11'' x 6''
9 lbs


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Kickable Birdie Game Set

by Kickit

starting at $99.95
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Compete 1v1 or up to 4v4 · Play inside or outside · Quick setup
The Kickable Birdie Game Set is where soccer meets badminton. The shuttlecock is engineered to be slower in the air and easy to kick so you can spend more time playing, having fun, learning tricks, and competing and less time picking it up off the ground. The full set includes a net with rust-resistant painted steel poles, a shoulder-carry bag for easy transport, and gameplay instructions.
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


Semi-pro soccer player Eli Dent developed Kickit to help introduce more people to his favorite sport. His goal was to create a soccer game that people could play wherever they are, even indoors. He started thinking about the portability of hacky sack, but after researching he realized the perceived difficulty level could be a barrier. Looking for something easier, he learned about a game that’s been played in Asia for centuries called Jianzi. In Jianzi, players need to keep a featherball in the air using anything but their arms and hands—very similar to soccer. Kickit kicks up that competition and fulfills Eli’s dreams to develop a fun twist on his favorite sport.