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Kicking & Juggling Trainer Birdie

Slows down in the air · Play inside or outside · Practice juggling & tricks

$14.95 – $17.95

The Kicking & Juggling Trainer Birdie is the badminton birdie re-engineered to be kicked with your feet. The birdie slows down in the air so you get more time to react to it, which means more time kicking and less time picking it up off the ground.

  • For use in conjunction with Kickable Birdie Game Set
  • Slows down in the air giving you time to react to it
  • Lightweight so you can play it inside without fear of breaking anything
  • Built-in weights quickly flip the birdie over while it's in the air
  • Pro versions feature a larger rubber kick-pad that makes it easier to practice juggling and tricks
  • Please note: Choking hazard. Keep the birdie away from moisture/water. Air dry if feathers get wet. Avoid stepping on feathers
  • Made in China
Underrepresented Entrepreneur




One Kicking & Juggling Trainer Birdie, one protective cardboard tube for easy travel


Original: 3'' x 3" x 9"; Pro Trainer: 2.5" x 2.5" x 9"


Original: 0.5 lb; Pro: 0.25 lb


Elastic rubber, plastic, feathers


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