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  • Homemade Sauce & Mayonnaise Maker by Kilner® - 1
  • Homemade Sauce & Mayonnaise Maker by Kilner® - 2
  • Homemade Sauce & Mayonnaise Maker by Kilner® - 3
  • Homemade Sauce & Mayonnaise Maker by Kilner® - 4

Homemade Sauce & Mayonnaise Maker

Full Details

  • Instructions: Add base ingredients to the jar. Attach the plunger, dish, and screw band. Using the plunger, mix until the ingredients are combined. Slowly pour the oil into the oil dish while moving the plunger up and down. Continue until the desired consistency is reached. Serve and store
  • Great for making homemade mayonnaise, aioli, salad dressings, and other sauces
  • Set includes a two-piece sealing lid to store your homemade creations
  • Item comes gift boxed
  • Made in China
Glass: 90%; stainless steel: 8%; tin: 2%
Wash before first use. Only the glass jar is dishwasher safe, remove lid, etc. before placing in dishwasher. Do not pour boiling water directly into your jar
Directions and recipe booklet, gift box
5.9" x 5.12" x 9.84"
1.21 lbs


Homemade Sauce & Mayonnaise Maker

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Making homemade mayonnaise couldn’t be easier with the Kilner® Mayonnaise and Sauce Jar set. It only takes about three to four minutes to make fresh mayonnaise that's ready to serve. You can also make aioli, salad dressing, and other sauces using this handy kitchen gadget. The set also includes a two-piece sealing lid to store your homemade creations.


The original Kilner® Jar is as successful now as it was over 177 years ago and its popularity is owed to its distinctive pressure seal and iconic design. Put simply, households all over the world trust it to preserve and pickle their fruits and vegetables.

A recent surge in popularity for canning home-grown fruits and vegetables, as well as storing food and drinks in glass containers rather than plastic for its environmental and health benefits, has further propelled the Kilner Jar into the limelight. Kilner is also creating innovative kitchen gadgets that can be fixed to their jars, so you can make your own homemade mayo, sauces, and delicious foods on the go.

Not only are Kilner products essential for the kitchen, they are also a statement of style throughout your home.