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Sauce Press Jar

by Kilner

Full Details

  • Instructions: Fill hopper with desired ingredients. Turn the handle to puree the mixture directly into the jar below
  • Great for making fresh pasta sauces, and baby food
  • Make jams smoother by removing seeds
  • Made in China
Glass 80%, stainless steel 10%, wood 5%, tin 5%
Jar is dishwasher safe. Hand wash all other components
One glass preserve jar, one stainless steel hopper, one tin lid
6.1" x 6.1" x 12.6"
1.97 lb


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Sauce Press Jar

by Kilner

starting at $40.00
Perfect for making sauces · Purees fruits and vegetables · Preserve your mixture
This sleek, stainless steel tool purees fruits and vegetables and conveniently catches the mixture in a sturdy jar—so you can process now or later. Perfect for making sauces for pasta or processing apples for applesauce.
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Even if you swear you’re not handy in the kitchen, this homemade butter churner lets you make your own butter in about 10 minutes. It’s as easy as turning the handle. Kilner has been England’s trusted name for glass since the 1840’s, so they were the right folks to revamp the old-school butter churner. Theirs follows the original design but with a few modern tweaks. The gears are made from stainless steel to wash easily and avoid rust, while the paddles and lid seal are made from food grade silicone. All you need is heavy cream and a little effort. When the butter takes shape, you’ll also have buttermilk—a tasty byproduct—to cook and bake with, too. Once you see how simple it is, you’ll be a churning convert. This 21st century update on the standard churner makes it easy.
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