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Kite & Kite Flying Handle Kite & Kite Flying Handle

Kite & Kite Flying Handle

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Pawling, New York
  • Material: 75% ABS plastic, 20% ripstop nylon, 5% dacron
  • Includes a 26" kite, 150 feet of 20 LBS dacron line, swivel, and carrying case
  • Comes fully assembled—ready to fly right away
  • Kite is ripstop, durable nylon
  • Perfect for the park, yard, or beach
  • No more tangled lines or problems getting your kite in the air
  • How to Use: Place your back against the wind, lift your Castakite into the air, press the Altitude Trigger to let the line out, and let it fly!
  • Altitude trigger, kite retrieval reel, and iBeam rod make it easier to fly a kite
  • Ages 6+ (choking hazard for very small children)
  • Dimensions: Reel: 20.5"x 3.5" x 1.2"; Kite: 29" x 23" with 78" twin tails
  • Weight: Reel: 0.44 lb.; Kite: 0.09 lb.
Made in the USA


4 avg. (28 reviews)

01/02/2019 by susan
awesome gift my grandson is going to love.
04/19/2018 by LINDA
Castakite are a blast! So easy to fly a kite. My grand-kids and I had so much fun. I highly recommend these.
It was a birthday gift!
04/06/2018 by William K.
He was very happy with this gift. It seems easier for him to fly. Good quality, nice looking!
2 out of two were poor
12/11/2016 by Gene
I purchased two of these, one arrived without the crossbar, the second the factory tied line broke the very first flight. This happened over deep water, the kite sank quite rapidly and we could not get out to it before it disappeared from sight.
Super fun
10/16/2016 by Bradley
Great product can tell a lot of fun with it is that a bunch of times thank you
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Kite & Kite Flying Handle

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Get your kite airborne with the press of a button, and cleanly reel it back in just like you’re fishing. No more running into the wind. No more burns from the string unraveling against your palms. And no more knotted up string, either.


A kite launcher with a fishing pole design, the Castakite is the perfect device for kids and kiting novices. Launch just by pushing a button, reel back in like you just caught a trout. Flying a kite is now a breeze.

Unsurprisingly, Castakite’s founder, Matthias Hackett, is an avid fly fisherman. He wanted a way to inspire kids to play outdoors and thought the lure of easy kite flying would do the trick. Using his fishing rod for inspiration, he made getting a kite in the air as easy as pressing a button.

Castakite is Made in the USA, and it comes fully assembled with a kite included. Open the package and you’re ready for flying. It also works with your own kite, too. Without having to worry about tangles, burns from strings, and, especially, crashing kites, this form of easy kite flying is sure to keep you hooked. more Their Story