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Birthstone Ornament

Birthstone Ornament

Made with decades-worth of craftsmanship Hand-blown from recycled glass Catches the light
Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Materials: 100% hand blown recycled glass
  • Care: Wipe gently with damp cloth
  • Each ornament comes with a birth month sentiment on the tag. See the full list here
  • Designed with hanging loop. Can be hung indoors or outdoors
  • Ornaments reflect essence of birthstone colors
  • Due to the handmade nature of this product, no two ornaments are alike; colors and designs may vary
  • Note: Ribbon, line, or chain for hanging not included
  • Made in Canada
  • Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.15 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (188 reviews)

Strikingly Beautiful
09/05/2019 by Denise Fish
Beautiful, unique & exquisite quality. Can't wait to buy another one!
08/17/2019 by Elysa
I purchased two of these and returned both of them. I guess that the trademark interior line of glass was to make them special. In the case of both of the ornaments that I purchased, it detracted from their design. In addition to that, the ”design” of the ornaments was nothing more than some pale striping. Not at all close to the pictures. I understand that each of these is unique. However, I feel that they were misrepresented as having beautiful, special designs. Sorry, but other than the interior piece of glass, these are no different from regular, gift shop glass ornaments. As a replacement for these, I purchased two handmade glass balls from an artist on Etsy. They have unique designs, and they cost less. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with these. I was simply disappointed in the generic look of them.
08/02/2019 by Linda
Just what I hoped for. Beautiful
08/01/2019 by Elysa
The balls were nothing like those pictured. They were both simply striped green and blue with some blobs of purple. No real design or skill evident. Perhaps the interior rod of glass is meant to impress. I found that it distracted from the particular design of my ornaments. It was in no way integrated. Sadly, I returned both. Unfortunate, because this was to be a retirement gift for a friend that collects hand blown glass balls. Now I have no gift for the party this weekend.
06/27/2019 by John
very nice gifts
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Birthstone Ornament

Made with decades-worth of craftsmanship Hand-blown from recycled glass Catches the light
For over two decades the Kitras have been making these beautiful hand blown glass ornaments in their Canadian studio. They’re inspired by the shades of traditional gemstones, so you can match the color to a loved one’s birthday month. Whether you place them on a counter or hang them up, when the sunlight hits these delicate orbs they give off a lovely, colorful light.

Kitras Art Glass

The Kitras have been perfecting their hand blown glass ornaments for over two decades.

These beautiful ornaments are inspired by the different shades of traditional birthstones. You can match the color to a loved one’s birthday month. Whether you use them for year-round decoration or just during the holidays, they make for an unusual, thoughtful gift.

Each one is carefully crafted from recycled glass in the Kitras’ Canadian studio, with a signature thread of crystal spanning the walls in the middle. It looks like a delicate bridge inside the sphere. Decorate a counter with one, or loop a ribbon, chain, or fishing line through the top and hang it up. It’ll give off a soft, colorful light when the sun hits it.

The long legacy of glassblowing is apparent in the Kitras’ handiwork and shines through when you gift one of these artful little orbs. more Their Story