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Kitras Art Glass
Connection Orb

Made with decades-worth of craftsmanship · Hand-blown from recycled glass · Catches the light

You are Seen. You are Heard. You are Loved. This Ornament is about connection. Throughout our lives we create meaningful connections by letting the people around us know that they are seen, heard and loved. The band in the center connecting the two colors represents how beautiful it can be to reach out and connect with others. When we do, something new and beautiful occurs. These connections add depth and color to our lives. Let someone know today that they are seen, heard, loved.

  • Hang from a tree to catch a breeze or bring indoors for a unique decor piece
  • Use fishing line to make them appear to float or use a beautiful contrasting ribbon


5" x 4.5" diameter


1 lb




Wipe clean with damp cloth


Kitras Art Glass

The Kitras have been perfecting their hand blown glass ornaments for over two decades. These beautiful ornaments are inspired by the different shades of traditional birthstones. You can match the color to a loved one’s birthday month. Whether you use them for year-round decoration or just during the holidays, they make for an unusual, thoughtful gift. Each one is carefully crafted from recycled glass in the Kitras’ Canadian studio, with a signature thread of crystal spanning the walls in the middle. It looks like a delicate bridge inside the sphere. Decorate a counter with one, or loop a ribbon, chain, or fishing line through the top and hang it up. It’ll give off a soft, colorful light when the sun hits it. The long legacy of glassblowing is apparent in the Kitras’ handiwork and shines through when you gift one of these artful little orbs.