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  • KLAX Axehead Multi-Tool by Klecker Knives - 1
  • KLAX Axehead Multi-Tool by Klecker Knives - 2
  • KLAX Axehead Multi-Tool by Klecker Knives - 3
  • KLAX Axehead Multi-Tool by Klecker Knives - 4
  • KLAX Axehead Multi-Tool by Klecker Knives - 5
  • KLAX Axehead Multi-Tool by Klecker Knives - 6
  • KLAX Axehead Multi-Tool by Klecker Knives - 7
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KLAX Axehead Multi-Tool

Full Details

  • Made for a Lifetime: Maker will repair or replace all Klecker Knives products excluding the wooden handle for the KLAX
  • Unique 2-in-1 design can function with axehandle or as a stand-alone hand-tool
  • Adjustable clamping system designed to fit an array of handle sizes
  • Multi-tool functionality great for camping, working, backpacking, emergencies, and other outdoor use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ballistic nylon sheath included
  • Optional axehead handle not included
  • Made in China
SUS420 stainless steel
Ulu knife blade, hammer head, hex wrench set, 1/4 hex bit driver socket, bottle opener, cutting/gut hook, lanyard loop hole, carabineer, and 2-inch ruler
6.5" x 3.7" x 0.5"
0.9 lb

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KLAX Axehead Multi-Tool

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A reinvented tomahawk, with a host of added utility. It’s a hand held device with 7 different tools that can be used without a handle. When a hammer or ax is needed it can be used as a hand tool to make its own handle from a branch found in the field. The clamping system is the exact opposite of a traditional ax; the ax head clamps onto the wood instead of the wood being expanded to seize the ax.
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Klecker Knives

Teaching knife safety to your kids used to be a rite of passage, and for good reason. Klecker Knives wants to revive that tradition, so they’re as serious about their knives as safety education. Glenn Klecker puts his passion into creating high performance cutting tools for avid outdoorsmen. On a camping trip or in an emergency, The KLAX is both a multi-tool and an axehead. Without this handle it’s got seven different functions—from a hammer head to a hex wrench and a knife. With the right branch you can even fashion your own handle out in the field. Its innovative clamping system grabs onto an impressive range of wood sizes. Another Klecker favorite is the Abiqua knife. When out hunting or camping, this low profile tool gets tough jobs—like skinning and gutting—done. With his commitment to creating effective tools and advocating knife safety, we say Glenn is certainly sharper than most.
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