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  • The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace by Komusō Design - 1
  • The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace by Komusō Design - 2
  • The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace by Komusō Design - 3
  • The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace by Komusō Design - 4
  • The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace by Komusō Design - 5
  • The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace by Komusō Design - 6

The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace

Full Details

  • Instructions: Take a slow breath in through your nose, then exhale for 10 seconds discreetly through the Shift. Repeat at least 5 times
  • Precise circumference allows for a 10 second exhale
  • Food-safe enamel coating
Sterling silver: Sterling silver plated brass; Matte slate: Matte slate plated brass; Gold: 14k gold plated brass; Rose gold: Rose gold plated brass
Wipe down regularly with included jewelry pouch. To clean, use a non-toxic cleaning agent like mild soap to clear away any residue or impurities. Use a Q-Tip to clean the inside of the piece. Avoid exposure to oils and water
Jewelry box with pendant necklace, jewelry pouch, instructions
Pendant: 2" x 0.25" diameter; Chain: 25"
0.14 lb

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The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace

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This mindful breath necklace is a powerful accessory. Created to promote the perfect deep exhale that’s a full ten seconds long, the necklace (and that big breath) can help calm your nervous system and relieve anxiety. It promotes a mindful shift into the present moment in stylish jewelry form. Made in Rhode Island.

Komusō Design

Komusō Design adapts ancient practices for modern mindfulness. Wife and husband team Vanessa and Todd Steinberg were immersed in meditation experimentation to alleviate their stressful lives. They had a tough time staying consistent with it, but the concept of slow breathing stuck with them and they knew they had more to explore.

When we’re stressed, we naturally breathe faster or even hold our breath, which causes a fight or flight response in our brain. That’s where the Shift necklace comes in. By breathing more deeply and extending our exhale, we can lower our blood pressure, heart rate, and increase oxygen to the brain, which all can lead to a mellower state of mind. The necklace provides a perfectly proportioned tube for the ideal exhale, bringing you back into the present moment and promoting peacefulness.