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Home Safety Fire Blanket Home Safety Fire Blanket

Home Safety Fire Blanket

by Kovenex

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Made in the USA
  • High-performance fabric with inherent fire-resistant, heat-blocking burn protection and tear-resistant properties
  • Not chemically treated. Does not emit toxic fumes
  • Safe for contact with skin and effective in preventing burns
  • Can be used to smother a fire or to protect individuals from fire in an evacuation
  • Cased in a mountable Red Nylon Storage Bag
  • Washable and reusable
  • Dimensions: 35" x 32"
  • Weight: 1 lb.
Made in the USA


4.5 avg. (8 reviews)

Great home safety item
06/05/2019 by June
I purchased the home safety blanket as added insurance should we experience a home kitchen fire. I have a friend who suffered very serious burns in a grease fire last year and it made me aware of how dangerous such a fire can be. I hope to get more for other areas in our home. The product looks sturdy and should prove a life saver which I hope we never have to use. But just in case..!!
ever got the product
07/09/2018 by Stout
Unfortunately, company was WAY behind in filling its orders. Consequently, Grommet decided to drop the vendor and refunded my purchase price. It was a shame since this is a good safety product to have in one's home.
Hope I never have to use it
01/29/2018 by Buddy
I feel much better now that have this safety blanket hung with command strips on the inside of a cabinet door. It always concerned me how long it would take me to figure out, in an emergency situation, how to work one of the bottle fire extinguishers. Also, anyone can easily use it.
Great idea
01/29/2018 by Sharon
I hope I never have to use this, but after experiencing a total loss house fire, it’s a very smart thing to have on hand. Such an easy way to douse a small fire or wrap yourself in to get out. It’s probably smart to order another one. It is easy to store in my pantry.
10/16/2016 by LYNN
LOVE IT. I feel a lot better having this hanging on the cabinet next to the stove. I worry about the liquid fire extinguisher not working when I need it -- this blanket has NO expiration date. I think I'd grab for this product first in case of a stove fire.
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Home Safety Fire Blanket


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High performance fire-extinguishing blanket. Smothers fires, blocks heat, and does not burn. Clean, easy, and reliable.


What would you do if a grease fire ignited on your stove? You may have a fire extinguisher nearby, but are you prepared to operate it? Is there time to read the directions? Will it even work if it has been sitting there untouched for 10 years? At times like this, when every second matters, another option might be the Kovenex fire blanket.

Ideal for small, contained fires, a Kovenex blanket can safely extinguish flames, damper smoke, and prevent burns. The patented fabric doesn’t emit toxic fumes when exposed to flames, and while the color may change, it will not burn. It’s soft and lightweight, yet tough enough to smother an angry fire. The fire blanket is also easy to use, compared with a fire extinguisher that can be a challenge to operate in the stressful first few seconds of an emergency fire.

The inventor of the blanket is Bill Bridgeman, who originally set out to design an infant safety blanket. The manufacturer is Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, which makes sure that its Kovenex blankets adhere to National Fire Protection Association requirements. The Home Safety Blanket can be used to wrap around a person in an evacuation scenario.

Having a fire blanket nearby is an important safety precaution . . . though we hope you never need to use it. more Their Story