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Garden Edger

Garden Edger

Helps maintain neat garden bed edges Trims grass, cuts roots, and grooms soil in one motion
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  • Materials: Toon wood, A36 mild steel with black powder coating
  • Care: Use a damp cloth or rag to clean off dirt
  • Instructions: To maintain a flower bed, place the Kwik Edge in the bottom of the edge with the horizontal and vertical blades facing you. Pull the Kwik Edge toward you as you walk backwards to cut and clean the edge. Repeat this process twice a month or as needed
  • Design allows you to eliminate invading grass, cut out roots, and groom your soil
  • Good for use by both left- and right-handed people
  • Vertical and horizontal blades cut the grassroots that are invading the flower bed
  • Back side of the Kwik Edge is curved to direct the soil back into the bed
  • Works well with flower beds bordered by concrete, pavers, or other solid materials
  • Easy to handle and lightweight
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 57.75" x 7.5" x 2"
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
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4 avg. (66 reviews)

Works well if you’re fit
12/14/2019 by Jon
This is a good idea that worked as described. However, you need to be in good physical shape to work it. No where near as easy as the video portrays!
11/02/2019 by Beth
Blade is not sharp enough to cut through my lawn. Might work for already established borders but is not effective in creating new borders and edging. Was a waste of money for me as I will not be using this.
hasn't worked yet
11/01/2019 by Mae
This has not worked as expected. However I want to give it another try next spring
This edger works
11/01/2019 by Maureen
My husband was skeptical when I purchased this edger but he actually likes it!
The Kwik Edge is a Jewel!
11/01/2019 by Joseph
The Kwik Edge is just the right tool to help define the boundaries of your garden beds. It is easy to use and really makes the garden beds stand out! Another great invention for use around the outside of the home. I use this with my Yard-X 5 in 1 multi tool in all my garden work. It really makes the beds so attractive and pleasing to the eye. A real jewel!
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Garden Edger

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Helps maintain neat garden bed edges Trims grass, cuts roots, and grooms soil in one motion
Maintain garden edges with a manual lawn edger. This tool makes it easy to get a manicured look out in the yard—one motion is all it takes to trim the invading grass edge, cut the roots, and groom soil back into beds. Works well with flower beds (including those bordered by concrete or pavers), walkways and more.

Kwik Edge

Creating a garden edger was a natural fit for Maker Wilson Svedin. This avid gardener was often complimented on his beautiful landscaping, particularly the well-manicured edges. The secret to Wilson's success was an early prototype of what would evolve into Kwik Edge once he retired.

Kwik Edge works in three ways at once to fight invading grass. It's a simple but smart solution to taming garden bed edges, walkways, and other spots in the yard. Blades trim the grass and cut the roots, and a curved edge grooms the soil back into the bed, all in one quick, fluid motion. It also works well with beds bordered by things like concrete or pavers. Who knew it could be so easy—and so satisfying—to spruce up your garden? more Their Story