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Reusable Swab

Full Details

  • Provides an eco-friendly alternative to the many uses of single-use cotton swabs without the large environmental footprint
  • Basic version is intended for cleaning and general uses, while the beauty version is intended for makeup corrections
  • Swabs are tested to withhold up to 1000 uses
  • Carrying case is made of corn and is fully biodegradable
  • Please note: Using swabs to clean a child's ears is not recommended
  • Made in Denmark
Swabs: TPE, plastic; Case: PLA (biodegradable corn)
One Reusable Swab, one case
Clean with soap and warm water
Swab case: 4.37" x 0.71" x 0.83"
0.05 lb

4 avg. (6 reviews)

Small Business Support
Sustainable Living

Reusable Swab

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Can last up to 1000 uses · Helps reduce cotton and paper waste · Biodegradable case
This reusable swab serves a sustainable solution. It cleans up easily with soap and warm water, and can last up to 1000 uses, making it a more durable and less wasteful alternative to single-use swabs. Opt for a cleaning or makeup swab that comes with a biodegradable case.
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living


LastObject Makers Isabel, Nicolas, and Kåre are three independent designers driven by a desire to help the planet. With a collective history that spans waste reduction, sustainable design, and healthcare solutions, the trio had their eyes (and hearts) set on enhancing daily lifestyles and environmental impact in one fell swoop. Discovering that common everyday items, like swabs and tissues, are surprisingly high on the list of single-use products that harm the planet made their calling clear. Now they're replacing them with sustainable, durable, and usable alternatives.
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