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Eco-Friendly Ice Melt Alternative

Full Details

  • Instructions: Remove or plow loose snow and spread LavaGrip over slippery surface. Test traction carefully. Add LavaGrip as needed to attain desired traction. Re-assess surfaces at regular intervals and after precipitation
  • Provides instant traction on icy surfaces
  • Non-corrosive, pet- and environmentally-friendly
  • Works at any temperature
  • Won’t track residue
  • Made in Canada
100% lava
Store at temperatures above freezing
Ten Pound Jug: 7.5" x 4.75" x 9.75"; 17.6 Pound Bag: 18" x 13" x 3"

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Eco-Friendly Ice Melt Alternative

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Icy conditions call for extra traction, and this environmentally-friendly ice melt alternative delivers it in a natural way. Pure lava rocks—and that’s it, nothing else added—boost grip and stability on a walkway, driveway, or steps without corroding like salt and traditional ice melts can.
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LavaGrip Maker David Porter decided there needed to be a better way for folks to protect against icy conditions without having to accept the potentially harmful environmental side effects that can come along with ice melts and rock salt. These traditional traction aids are both corrosive and have chemicals that pets and the earth should avoid. His solution is a surprising one: lava rocks. Pure, natural lava rocks are all you get with LavaGrip—there’s nothing added because they don’t need anything else to do the traction-boosting job. Spread them on steps, a walkway, or driveway for extra stability in icy conditions, and know that the sure footing doesn’t come at any environmental cost. Once things thaw, you can sweep the rocks into the garden or reuse them after the next storm.
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