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Debris Collector Leaf Blower Attachment

Full Details

  • Read the instructions or watch this video for more information on use
  • Use to collect a variety of debris to tidy your yard or to harvest a variety of nuts with ease
  • Mounts to all battery, corded, and gas powered handheld leaf blowers
  • Less bending down to collect debris in the yard
  • Lightweight design for convenient transport
  • Designed to position approximately 6” to 8” in front of the nozzle
  • Fold the collection bag back over the nozzle to use the blower only and swing the bag down to use it as needed
  • Made in China
Galvanized steel, PVC coated polyester mesh, nylon web handle, polypropylene, UV-resistant silicone rubber, shore 60A
One Debris Collector Leaf Blower Attachment with straps
Clean with mild soap and water
18.5" x 11" x 2.5"
1.8 lbs


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Debris Collector Leaf Blower Attachment

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Make the most of a leaf blower with this lawn debris sweeper. It collects grass clippings, leaves, nuts, and other yard waste. Just attach it to the end of any battery-, corded-, or gas-powered handheld blower for easier lawn tidying.
Small Business Support


The same year Lawnch-It Maker Ed Laflin put in a new lawn, his oak trees dropped an extra-large helping of acorns. Raking them up disturbed all that brand new grass, so Ed switched gears to using a leaf blower. It worked, and sparked the idea of taking it one step further and creating a way to enhance any leaf blower to collect yard debris as well.

Ed’s solution is a sturdy bag that fits onto the business end of a leaf blower. It helps gather yard waste like grass, leaves, and—just like at Ed’s place—acorns. It’s a smart add-on that makes the yard tool more versatile and more useful.