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Ergonomic Flat Leash Grip Ergonomic Flat Leash Grip

Ergonomic Flat Leash Grip

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Full Details

  • Ergonomic, comfortable design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Features high-strength, two-piece construction
  • For best use: Check tightness of grip every few walks
  • Helps decrease wrist strain and provide better leash control
  • Compatible with flat leash/webbing style leash types up to 1 inch wide and maximum 1/4 of an inch thick
  • Made in Canada
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5 avg. (30 reviews)

09/06/2019 by Annette
No more knots in my leashes!
Lead mate
04/15/2019 by Milli
Received my order very quickly and it works very well. I've been having a problem with my hand hurting because my 95 pound dog tends to pull a lot. I put this on the leash just below the handle and it definitely helps me keep a better grip without hurting my hand. Thanks!
Great Gadget
02/24/2019 by Barbara
I love this gadget for the dogs leash. She is small but peppy and powerful. This gadget saves my wrist when she lunges at leaves, people, squirrels, etc
Great addition to my leash.
02/13/2019 by M N Latona
I walk my 100 lb. Lab on a lunge line. The lead mate means the the lead doesn’t slip through my hand.
leash BALL
01/17/2019 by Bruce
Makes handling 3 large dogs a breeze for the Lady of the Manor... simple..but very practical and well done
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Ergonomic Flat Leash Grip

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For any dog owner who’s ever felt compelled to wrap or tug on their leash, this ergonomic leash grip adds leverage where you need it. Made from lightweight, recycled plastic, Lead Mate will fasten onto any flat leash. Unscrew and reposition for better lead and comfortable grip.

Lead Mate

This ergonomic leash grip gives you a secure, comfortable handle to walk your dog.

Lead Mate is a sphere that fastens to the fabric of your leash, letting you hold on where is best for you—without wrapping the leash around your hand or knotting it.

You’ll avert rope burns and wrist strain, while you teach your dog good habits. Lead Mate gives you more control so that you have to do less pulling on the leash.

Made from recycled plastic, it’s lightweight and easy to reposition when different people want to man the leash. This gives the whole family a good, hazard-free grip on the dog.

Maker Jaan Hurditch reengineered the leash knot to a simpler, sleeker sphere that feels secure and doesn’t hurt. more Their Story