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Lawn Bag Holder with Stakes

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  • Made in the USA: Covington, LA
  • Instructions: Hold bag open, stab one of two stakes into the bag approximately 2" inside of bag with feet facing in. Stretch the bag taut and stab second stake into the bag. Fold bag opening over the holder and secure with the attached clip. Insert into the ground and sweep debris into bag
  • Makes yard clean up simple and easy
  • Remains in a stable, upright position when in use
  • Can rake leaves directly into the bag without bending over
  • Compact design makes it easy to store
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children. Some assembly required. Stakes cannot be inserted into concrete or gravel
Pipe: PVC; Spike: Steel
One Lawn Bag Holder with Stakes, does not include a rake or leaf bag
39 gal plastic/33 gal bio bags or 12” x 16” standard paper bag
Plastic & Bio Bag Holder: 21.6" x 21" x 6"; Paper Bag Holder: 15.2" x 19" x 6"
Plastic & Bio Bag Holder: 0.8 lb; Paper Bag Holder 0.75 lb

3 avg. (2 reviews)

Works Fine
10/29/2019 by Julie
I bought this for my son and it worked fine. Would recommend.
Nice design, but need stronger material
10/26/2019 by D
Very nice design, but I cracked the PVC almost immediately. Maybe I am just an aggressive raker. This really needs to be made with aluminum or something stronger. Also the clip at the top to hold the bag on is not curved like the frame and can pop off. Perhaps a smaller clip would work better.
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Made in the USA
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Lawn Bag Holder with Stakes

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Yard clean-up jobs are easier thanks to this leaf bag holder. The frame clips onto a paper or plastic lawn waste bag and stakes into the ground to hold it open and in place, ready for you to rake right in.
Made in the USA
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Leaf Gulp

Leaf Gulp Makers Carleen and Mark Chase were cleaning up the yard before Thanksgiving and asked their son to pitch in. He offered to help with raking, but drew the line at the tedious task of bagging piles of leaves. This sparked the idea to create a solution to streamline yard clean-ups.

Mark and Carleen’s bag holder does two clutch jobs at once. It clips onto a yard waste bag (paper or plastic) to hold it open and it secures a bag to the ground with stakes. It's ready for you to rake leaves right in, and now no one is left holding the bag.