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The Evolution Shaving Can Brush The Evolution Shaving Can Brush

The Evolution Shaving Can Brush

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  • Materials: ABS Plastic and synthetic nylon
  • Care: Keep brush attached to the can and rinse the brush out with water after use. After rinsing, give it a few shakes and set it on counter to air dry
  • Helps distribute shaving cream/gel neatly and evenly
  • Universal shaving cream/gel can attachment attaches to all shaving cream can types
  • Please note: Shaving can not included
  • Nylon brush Made in China, plastic parts Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 4" x 1.75" diameter
  • Weight: 0.13 lb.
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4 avg. (39 reviews)

06/26/2019 by Michael
Easy to use.Brush and foam all at once.Great shave...
Husband loves it
06/23/2019 by Carolyn D
Gives a great shave
06/22/2019 by Merrideth
This was given as a gift. I was told it was "COOL" I just love perusing the catalog for new ideas Thank you for all you do!!
Pretty cool!!!
06/11/2019 by Terrence
The shaving brush feels really soft. Spreads shaving cream nice and evenly. I use less shaving cream because I it spreads evenly. And it's easy to assemble.
10/18/2018 by Duane
Better as hand held not attached.
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The Evolution Shaving Can Brush


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Elevate your daily grooming ritual. Attach this shaving brush to any shaving cream or gel can to dispense and apply a smooth, rich coat in a single motion. The bristles stimulate your follicles for a closer, cleaner shave. You’ll use up less cream or gel, create less mess, and infuse your mornings with a vintage vibe.

Legacy Shave

This shaving brush fuses vintage vibes with modern functionality, transforming an everyday chore into an anticipated ritual.

The Evolution Brush attaches to the top of any shaving cream or gel can, so you dispense and apply in a single, smooth motion. It creates a rich, even layer of cream or gel, lifting the hair follicles for a closer, more comfortable shave.

Because you’re not using your hands, there’s virtually zero cleanup—and you’ll save shaving cream or gel, too. This heritage-infused tool is as convenient as it is fun to use. more Their Story