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Safety Seat Belt Guide

Full Details

  • For use in the back car seat only, fits on any make and model with back seats
  • Protects the neck while allowing seat belts to keep their original function
  • Works in combination with booster seats as long as they do not have an integrated seat belt
  • Can be used comfortably by children and adults between 3'3" and 5'3"
  • Made in China
Belt: Polyester; Sleeve: Polyamide; Clip: POM; Screwlink: Powder-coated steel
One seat belt guide
6.3" x 2.8" x 2.8"
0.51 lb


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Safety Seat Belt Guide

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Car safety innovations · Break glass, keep windows clean and more · Drive prepared
A safety seat belt guard helps keep the back seat belt in place on the shoulder, not on your neck. It helps make being belted in safer —and more comfortable—for both children and adults.
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LifeHammer's vehicle safety tools were created after a terrifying accident for Maker Helmut Lechner. Left unable to free himself after the crash, Helmut realized that drivers like himself needed to have tools available in their cars to be able to help themselves in the event of an emergency. Helmut became a car safety advocate and developed tools to help drivers always be prepared, including a spring-loaded hammer to break the car's window, an all-season window cleaning tool, and a seat belt guide. The car hammer breaks glass without a swing and has a seat-belt cutter should you ever need to escape from your vehicle. The multi-blade window cleaner scrapes ice and wipes water. And a seat belt strap guides the belt to the proper position. It's a suite of safety products to help ease your mind in every vehicle.
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