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Lily Cup Compact

Full Details

  • Size A: Recommended for women who have not given birth or for those who have given birth by Caesarean
  • Size B: Recommended for women who have given birth vaginally or for those who have been diagnosed with a weaker pelvic floor
  • Great for light to medium flow. Collects flow rather than absorbing it
  • Collapses flat and comes with a petite protective case you can discreetly take anywhere
  • Offers up to 10 hours non-stop protection both day and night
  • No dryness, no irritation, no allergies, and no odors. Hypoallergenic, BPA- and phthalate-free
  • Soft and thin. Easy to insert and comfortable enough to forget about
  • No harmful chemicals or bleaches and low risk of toxic shock syndrome
  • Reduces waste—no more tampons or pads to throw into the waste basket
  • Reusable and can last for years
Medical grade silicone
Wash your Lily Cup Compact before and after each use with mild soap and hot water. Do not use harsh soaps as they may cause irritation and disrupt the natural pH balance of your intimate area. Rinse thoroughly. For a more thorough cleaning, fully submerge your Lily Cup Compact in boiling water for 5 to 8 minutes. Do not boil dry
Size A: 1.65" diameter x 2.28"; Fluid content: 0.37 fl oz; Size B: 1.77" diameter x 2.28"; Fluid content: 0.47 fl oz
0.02 lb

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Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Lily Cup Compact

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Lily Cup Compact is the menstrual cup reinvented—soft, flexible, and folds up into a tiny, convenient case that fits in your pocket. It’s more economical and environmentally friendly than using tampons or pads. And you can wear it for up to 10 hours before changing.
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


All women can relate to certain challenging aspects of “that time of the month.” Intimina’s ingenious Lily Cup Compact has a collapsible design that folds into a petite case about the size of lip balm—discreet enough to take anywhere. So you’ll always be prepared and have more freedom. Inspired by collapsible drinking cups discovered during a trip to Japan and made of extra-thin medical grade silicone, Lily Cup Compact is easy to insert and comfortable enough to forget about. Toxin-free and safe, it won’t leave fibers behind or dry out sensitive areas. We admit switching to a menstrual cup takes some practice and adjustment. But really it’s no more difficult to “learn” than when you first started using tampons. With up to 10 hours of protection, Lily Cup Compact lasts for years and keeps disposable feminine products out of landfills. And your wallet benefits, too—Lily Cup Compact pays for itself within a few short months.
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