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Interactive iPad Flash Cards

This set of kids’ flashcards bridges physical and digital learning. Embedded technology connects the cards to the Link4Fun iPad app. By tapping the tablet screen with the cards, kids are immersed in a fun new (and interactive) way to learn that blends watching, listening, and touching.

  • Keep away from magnetic surfaces as they disrupt product functionality
  • Instructions for use: Tap the cards on the screen to see, listen, and learn
  • Physical flashcards enrich iPad experience for kids to learn beyond the screen
  • Learning is enhanced, lessons are better absorbed, and more neural pathways are formed by the sensory activities involved
  • Free iPad app comes with eight different learning activities that teach picture matching, word matching, sight reading, and new vocabulary
  • Grasping/tapping cards helps develop motor movement
  • Listening to the words from the iPad builds attention skills
  • Children learn valuable content by looking at the colorful pictures
  • Learn new vocabulary through reading new sight words
  • Please note: iPad not included
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Twenty-four Link4fun Cards, twelve picture cards, twelve word cards, and free iPad app. Set of Three includes: free iPad app and three sets of Link4Fun Cards: Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy & Protein, and Grains & Snacks


(each) 5.25" x 3.5" x 0.56"


(each) 0.3 lb




Wipe with damp cloth



Fun fact: kids learn better when their busy hands are involved. Which is why Link4Fun combines physical play with screen time in connected kids’ flashcards, books, blocks, and games. Embedded technology built inside connects to apps on an iPad. By placing the tablet on the open book, or tapping a card on the screen, kids are immersed in a fun new way to learn that blends watching, listening, and touching. Founder Angela Nelson is a behavioral therapist who developed the system after years of making her own teaching materials for working with children. Her approach to learning numbers, letters, and even animal sounds helps kids better absorb these subjects—and it’s lots of fun, too.