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Rechargeable Illuminated Golf Balls Rechargeable Illuminated Golf Balls

Rechargeable Illuminated Golf Balls

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  • Includes: Three golf balls, UV pocket charger, four AAA batteries, and instructions
  • Turn off the charger when not in use to conserve batteries
  • Instructions: Place ball into UV light charger for 10-15 seconds and move around in circular motion to recharge pigment of ball. 10-15 seconds of charge gives an illumination for approximately 15 minutes. Recharge for increased brightness
  • Golf ball UV light charger includes attached cord for hanging on golf bag
  • Embedded illuminated pigment will not wear out with time or play
  • Durable design made for a lifetime of play
  • Rated up to 400 yards
  • 80 compression
  • Made in Korea and China
  • Dimensions: Golf ball: 1.68" diameter; Charger: 5.25" x 1.75" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 0.875 lb
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Rechargeable Illuminated Golf Balls


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These glow in the dark golf balls help you keep an eye on the ball at dusk (or dawn) without holding back your game. They perform like traditional balls (tested to drive 400 yards) and are impregnated with a UV-activated pigment that won’t wear off. With just a few seconds in the UV light charger, a ball can glow for around 15 minutes of play.


Corky Newcomb has spent over 30 years developing glow in the dark golf balls that perform as well as traditional ones. He’s finally achieved the perfect balance with Lite4Nite.

The illuminated golf balls get their glow from an impregnated UV-activated pigment. It’s triggered by a UV-flashlight that gets the balls glowing in just a few seconds. And the balls have been tested to drive 400 yards, so there’s no sacrifice to their performance.

The glowing effect lasts for around 15 minutes, and the pigment won’t wear off over time. Corky’s years of hard work makes it easy for golfers to keep an eye on the ball when squeezing in an extra-early (or late) round. more Their Story