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Ceramic Self-Watering Herb Pot

Full Details

  • Instructions: Remove the plastic pot from your herb plant and put the root bale with soil into the ceramic. Now press the soil down with your fingers so it is flush with the top edge of the ceramic. Lift the ceramic out of the glass container and fill the glass up to the displayed maximum level. Put the ceramic back into the glass container
  • Provides plants with water for 14-21 days
  • Please note: Make sure that you press the herb plant with gentle pressure into the ceramic. The herb should have contact with the ceramic from every side to ensure that the pot functions properly
  • Designed and assembled in Germany
  • Made in Spain, Taiwan, and China
Glass, ceramic, polypropylene (PP), fiberglass
Wipe clean as necessary. Ceramic is dishwasher safe
One glass container, one ceramic pot holder
6.7" x 5.9" diameter
4.4 lbs

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Ceramic Self-Watering Herb Pot

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This self-watering herb pot cultivates herbs almost all by itself. Fill it up every two to three weeks, and a plant will automatically absorb just what it needs through the planter’s unglazed ceramic water reservoir. It’s a great-looking and low-maintenance way to try your hand at gardening.
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Livana Home

Livana Home grew from an idea of Pablo Bachmann’s, a certified metalworker who’s also a graphic designer. With an eye on the urban gardening trend, Pablo sought to harness self-irrigation to prevent the common frustration of kitchen herbs dying from over- or under-watering—which wastes time, effort, and plants. With this self-watering herb pot, urban herb gardening is now as low-maintenance and risk-free as can be. The modern-looking planter—made of glass and unglazed ceramic—needs to be filled every two to three weeks. That’s it. Herbs will absorb just the right amount of water they need, without intervention, hassles, or worry.
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