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Halsa Portion Control Dinnerware

by Livliga

Full Details

  • Sustainable, lead-free material
  • Stackable and microwave-safe
  • Livliga's unique design uses psychological “cuing” including size, shape, color and visual illusion to make right-sized amounts of food look plentiful, helping you eat appropriately-sized meals and feel satisfied at the end of a meal or snack
  • Each dish has serving sizes subtly integrated into its design for easy measuring. The map for the sizes is on the back of the dinner plate for easy reference
  • Livliga products are doctor and nutritionist-approved
  • Dinner plate has 5 measurements on it: 1 cup circle (vegetables), 3/4 cup and 1/2 cup circle (grain/starch), "protein" square, and "dollop" circle (condiment, sauce)
  • Salad plate has 3 measurements: 3/4 cup and 1/2 cup circles and a "dollop" circle
  • Bowl is proportionally sized for a 1 cup serving or a 1 1/2 cup serving
  • Mug is designed for an 8 oz portion of beverage
  • Made in China
One dinner plate, one salad/luncheon plate, one cereal/soup bowl, and one mug
Dishwasher safe
Dinner plate 10.5" diameter; Side/salad plate 8.25" diameter; Cereal/soup bowl 16 oz; Mug 10 oz
13.78 lbs

4.5 avg. (8 reviews)

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Halsa Portion Control Dinnerware

by Livliga

starting at $49.95

Elegant Livliga plates feature patterns that are clever portion guides for each food group. And the wide outer rim frames your meal to look like there’s plenty of food on the plate, so your eyes, brain, and stomach are satisfied.
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


Livliga dinnerware is like a template for healthy eating—a simple, practical way to control portions and still feel satisfied. Founder Sheila Kemper Dietrich’s family had struggled with their weight for years. As the former executive director of Denver’s American Heart Association, she knew how important it was to stop super-sizing and start right-sizing their meals. Sheila designed portion control plates to guide them. The plates are smaller than the average dinnerware sold today (which has gotten bigger and bigger over the decades). The dinnerware patterns are actually shapes that show the right portion sizes for each food group—like grains, proteins, and veggies. And the wide rim frames the food to make it look like your plate is full. Your eye, your brain, and your stomach are satisfied you’re getting enough to eat. Sheila also designed stainless steel portion-control serving spoons. The long handles keep food off your hands while serving up the right amount of food for Livliga’s plates. And when you’re done dishing up, the handles have clever zigzags that rest on the serving bowl. Sheila’s first test subjects for Livliga? Herself, her husband, and their daughter. Together they lost over 100 lbs, just by eating proper portions.