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Bionic Grip™ Adjustable Pliers

Bionic Grip™ Adjustable Pliers

Firm grip and extra oomph to easily turn nuts and bolts Hand-friendly for comfort and safety
Made in the USA
Small Business Support

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  • Made in the USA: Cabot, PA
  • Fully adjustable with a one-handed squeeze
  • Surrounds work surface to distribute forces equally with 10 to 30 times more contact area than ordinary pliers
  • Patented Bionic Gripping™ technology distributes gripping forces over a larger work surface compared to the jaws of conventional pliers
  • No tricky knobs or adjustments
  • Interlock™ mechanism converts torque load into an intelligent locking feature
  • Will not round, slip, or scar work surfaces
  • Universal orientation works in either hand in any position
  • Great for softer materials, such as plastic, copper, and aluminum
  • 6 inch Bionic Grip replaces 14 metric and SAE wrench sizes, spanning 1/4 inch to 9/16 inch and 7 mm to 14 mm. Instantly grips pipes, fasteners, and fittings from 1/4 inch to 9/16 inch
  • 8 inch Bionic Grip replaces 13 metric and SAE wrench sizes, spanning 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch and 13 mm to 20 mm. Instantly grips pipes, fasteners, and fittings from 1/2 inch to 13/16 inch
  • Features lifetime guarantee
Wrench: Steel; Grip: Plastic
6 Inch: 0.5" x 4" x 6"; 8 Inch: 0.5" x 5" x 8"
6 Inch: 0.36 lb; 8 Inch: 0.74 lb
Made in the USA
Small Business Support


3.5 avg. (3 reviews)

excelent pliers
10/31/2019 by Joyce
This is a very sturdy tool and works great. I just wish I had bought the larger size one and will be ordering it soon. This one is fine for small things, but not a big enough opening to do the things I need to do like removing hose nosels and such. It is perfect for small jobs and something I know will be using. Just expected it to have a larger opening. My fault for not checking before I ordered it. I would recommend this for small jobs.
Great little tool
10/19/2019 by Nancie
These are probably, the best pliers on the market. My partner has rheumatoid arthritis, loves to tinker, but sometimes has a hard time gripping or applying pressure. These have made those hand gestures easier. Thanks for making the most coveted tool in the house. I am sure that there will be more of these in this household in the future.
Very effective wrench.
09/30/2019 by Dan
This tool grips REALLY well. I wish there was one big enough for 3/4: pipe.
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Bionic Grip™ Adjustable Pliers

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Firm grip and extra oomph to easily turn nuts and bolts Hand-friendly for comfort and safety
The open-ended Bionic Grip applies powerful traction to nuts, bolts, pipes and more where other tools can’t fit. Its patented design opens up to fully surround a work surface, amplifying its turning power while keeping hands comfortable. Made in the USA, it self-locks to hold its grip for those times you need to apply extra force.

LoggerHead Tools

Loggerhead Tools was founded by Dan Brown, an inventor, consultant, and entrepreneur who holds 30 U.S. utility patents. Working for 30 years helping bring products to market, he was met with a unique challenge when his son wanted to use pliers to change components on their lawn mower. Dan knew that doing so would strip the nuts and bolts. "I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a tool that performs like a wrench but can grip like pliers?" His solution was the Bionic Wrench, based on the open and close action of a camera shutter.

The Bionic Wrench fully surrounds a nut or bolt, applying a strong grip, while allowing the user to comfortably use tremendous force. The Bionic Grip offers the same patented grip technology with an open-head design. The Compact Screwdriver is adjustable to reach difficult spots while delivering enough torque to get the job done. He combined features of all three in an ever-useful multitool, offering out-of-the-toolbox innovation for the job at hand. more Their Story